Does Vertical Farming Work?

vertical farming has been called the future of Agriculture claimed to solve many of the problems we talked about in the last video. It’s been a controversial topic with mixed opinions from experts. Are these claims hype or can it deliver? but first we need a better understanding of what a vertical farm is There […]

The Future Of Vertical Farming

– [Narrator] In the last video, we identified energy consumption as the primary barrier to plant factories having a big impact on the world and learned how vital improving absolute yield is to improving their energy efficiency. We also looked at a number of ways that future vertical farms can boost yield, lower their energy […]

Amazing agriculture machines UK

in the next 35 years we’ll have to produce more food than all of the world’s production combined over the last 2,000 so what will the farms of the future look like well they’re unlikely to look like this just yet but many of the sci-fi looking elements are already on the way take automation […]