Three Year Bananas – Growing dwarf banana trees in your garden

growing bananas in your backyard is a very rewarding experience in today’s episode we look at a three year journey for growing our dwarf banana plants from planting till harvest so let’s begin in June in June of 2014 we planted our dwarf banana plant this is the dwarf Rajapuri banana plant now you can […]

Amazing Urban Permaculture Food Forest Garden with Edible Exploding Impatiens

This is John Kohler from Today I have a very special treat for you. We’re outside Portland, Oregon, at a viewer’s and also a friend’s house, and they have—guess I’m gonna get hit by a car if I don’t get out of the street real soon. This is about a three acre plot and […]

How a rooftop farm feeds a city | Mohamed Hage | TEDxUdeM

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo I’m an urban farmer. So I grow food in the city of Montréal, on the roofs of buildings, believe it or not. And it’s something that I’m very, very proud of. It’s something that puts a smile on my face every morning. And a while back, I was […]

Episode 5 – Catching insects while growing vegetables in a greenhouse

More food with less water – episode 5 Be a GREEN MUSKETEER, reforest the world with us! Elsenhout (The Netherlands) April 2013 This is episode 5 of the series ‘More food, less water, with Groasis’. Groasis did these vegetable trials with the Groasis Waterboxx during 2013 in The Netherlands. The experiment has 2 objectives: Can […]

Easy to Build Greenhouse with NO Tools keeps your Garden Growing in the Winter

This is John Kohler with We’re going to talk about greenhouses, so you can see the greenhouse behind me. This is the standard size, smaller size, I think it’s the six by eight Harbor Freight greenhouse, and it’s served me very well, it’s actually the first greenhouse I ever bought, and ya know it’s […]

Agroforesterie et agriculture de régénération selon Mark Shepard : Interview

Marissa Devin’s onset nouvelle video the permaculture design the new voice actor demonically dollar weakened state cannot Medela Recoleta bhutesu a system cute customer coordinate acre urban campus a promise on Tom the Santi public durability party da ya beaucoup de cacao jovica pon de nuevo moksha party party deception a key agenda vato one […]

Tips and Tricks: Farming Guide for Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Heyho and welcome to my new video about Life is Feudal: Forest Village. Sometime ago I posted a tips and tricks video for this game. Later on I was asked by Dennis Gats if I could do some tutorial video for forming strategies. So, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it. Over the last […]

⟹ Early Spring Garden Tour, peppers, tomatoes, greenhouse and more! 2019

all right so I figured I’d give you a little bit of a garden tour for 2019 we’re a little early yet not quite ready for a real garden tour but I give you a quick look at what’s going on and some of the plants that are going and we’ll show you some of […]

Top 10 Tropical Fruit Trees You Must Grow if You Live in the Tropics

Alright! This is John Kohler with ! Today we have another exciting episode for you. And where we’re at today is a special place here in Lake Worth, Florida in South Florida. So if you live in South Florida, you’re going to want to come to this place to buy your fruit trees and […]

Learning Shona: Labelling Parts Of A Tree \ \ General Knowledge / /

😘🌍🌎🌏😘 Hey guys👨👵👧👦👴👸👷🤴👰🤵 welcome to my YouTube channel for learning Shona🙇 So, in this video, you are going to learn a tree. I’m not gonna go deep into what trees are used for… but I’ll teach you how to label a tree in Shona and how to pronounce the words properly The first part is […]