66000 में 3 दिन पहले ब्याई हुई गाय थारपारकर पशु प्रजनन केंद्र सूरतगढ़ फार्म में सेल हुई है

Welcome to you my dear friends

7739 थारपारकर गाय की वास्तविक कीमत मात्र ₹25000 और बिकने की कीमत देखें वीडियो में


SAM & AUDREY’S WEDDING: Summer Wedding in a Beautiful Greenhouse

So six months ago this handsome specimen and I tied the knot. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking. No, just kidding. It was probably the best decision of my entire life. And what we wanted to do is share our wedding photos with you. We’ve really appreciated all of the support you’ve offered us […]


(critters singing) Happy Tree Friends. (chuckles) It’s cute. 76 years old and I’m watching cartoons. Oh, this is fun! That’s a big knife. (giggling) Oh no! Uh-oh. Huh. (laughter) Excellent. (screaming in pain) Yuck! It looked so cute. (laughs) I should’ve known. It’s mummy time! Uh-oh. Heh-heh. Oooh! That’s just nasty. Is that an eyeball? […]

Friends in Forest be like | Jangle ki Sawari | Fansad Sanctuary | PS HISTROGRAPHY

Subtitles by Ashish Joshi Hello guys, how are you and how’s Diwali? are you ready to celebrate? Today we are visiting to Forest, but where? Even I don’t know, Let’s ask friend where to go? Bro, where are we going? -Nice place Yah, But where? [Laughing] -Nice, very nice Forget it, Let’s go with flow! […]

Spot Foto Instagramable di Farmhouse Lembang

Hi friends, now I’m at Farmhouse I want to see house of hobbits Let’s go! Friends, in Farmhouse you can redeem the ticket with a glass of milk Hi friends, Now I’m wearing Holland costume Am I pretty? Friends I’m so happy today I’m visiting Farmhouse