Queensland Timber Flooring Brisbane Home Show

– Good afternoon. My name is David Jones. Welcome to the Queensland Timber Flooring stand here at the Brisbane Home Show. Allow me to take you to a walkthrough and we’ll have a look at some of the things that we have to offer. So just through here. This is a display of some of […]

The Forest VR – Pimax 8k – FR – Découverte (With English Subtitles)

Hi everyone Have you already played The Forest VR? Me neither so let’s try it with the Pimax 8K Here we go I will start singleplayer I just started it to test settings and record earlier My settings are SmartSmoothing ON No Parallel Projection Pitool 1.25 and Steam SuperSampling on Auto as usual We start […]

How a rooftop farm feeds a city | Mohamed Hage | TEDxUdeM

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo I’m an urban farmer. So I grow food in the city of Montréal, on the roofs of buildings, believe it or not. And it’s something that I’m very, very proud of. It’s something that puts a smile on my face every morning. And a while back, I was […]

L’agriculture urbaine en intérieur, un pari 100% naturel | Fabien Persico | TEDxRennes

Translator: Sue Farmery Reviewer: Shadia Ramsahye (Applause) [Indoor urban farming, a 100% natural challenge] Can you see any difference between these two lettuces? They are the same variety, they are the same shape, the same colour, the same size. Simply put, they are identical. This plant was grown using current field farming methods. Do you […]

Phosphate: the unknown crisis in agriculture: Mohamed Hijri at TEDxUdeM

Hello. I’m going to start with a question: Is anyone familiar with the blue algae problem? Okay, so most of you are. I think we can all agree it’s a serious issue. Nobody wants to drink blue-algae contaminated water, or swim in a blue-algae infested lake…right? I hope you won’t be disappointed, but today I […]

Fake Trees (Weird Tech)

Fake trees: Weird Tech: World War I During the First World War, engineers were constructing new ways of concealment with some creative results. One such form of camouflage were fake trees that were used as observation posts or as sniper nests. The first fake tree was invented by French painter Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scevola and […]

FSBO – Traditional French style farmhouse, Vienne, Poitou-Charente

www.privatepropertysellers.com Private Property Sellers Ltd 0% Estate Agent Commission fee with this property purchase Close to Civray, Poitou-Charente

Into the Forest / Dans la forêt (2017) – Trailer

– Ben? – What? Can I ask you a question? Do you think the Devil’s real? What kind of question is that? I think I saw him. Mom said you were seeing your father over the vacation. You’re visiting him in Sweden with your brother. Are you excited to go? Can’t sleep? You can’t sleep […]