Why Baboons Are the Best Tamarind Tree Farmers in Zambia

Amazing: Leopard Rockets Up a Tree to Catch Owls

NARRATOR: Nikita’s just feet away from a possible barn owl breakfast. She’s got to take her hunt 30 feet vertical. If she can get to the first fork of the tree quickly, she’ll catch them before they flee. Timing and speed are key here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GROWLS] They’re huddled inside. Nikita gets to work tearing […]

This Canadian Train Brings in a Record Number of Tourists

[UPBEAT MUSIC] HOST: Canada’s Rockies, an adventure hot spot for more than 9 million tourists every year. Today I’m joining more than 500 of them. Only we’re not braving the wilds in hiking boots, we’re gliding into the mountains aboard the Rolls-Royce of trains. The Rocky Mountaineer Company has run rail tours through Western Canada […]

This Abandoned Medieval Village Holds a Grisly Secret