Decorating Our FIRST Christmas Tree: Vlog

– Good morning! – I am vlogging today, well we’re both vlogging. Are you gonna vlog, babe? – We’ll see. – He’ll decide. But basically today, this weekend, we decided we wanna decorate the house for Christmas. We weren’t actually planning on it, just because we have a lot of stuff going on. And you […]

Meet the workers at Arthur & Friends Greenhouse Project

[ Music Playing ] My Aunt Wendie started just this last year and it grew more and more every day. And we worked hard to make it where it is today. I do harvest, pack stuff and move to the restaurants, plant, I clean the gullies, everything under the sun here in this greenhouse. One […]

GREENHOUSE SAGA & SPECIES SUNDAY: Foundation/Substrate of Your Aquarium

– I wanna frolic barefoot. (electronic music) – Dude, I about pissed myself when I saw your text. (laughs) Good morning, dude! We missed the whole thing, dude! I’m ready to call– – I caught, like, the end driveway. – Did you? Oh, dude. Oh, man. You were out here at eight, right? – Yeah. […]

Lord of the Tree Rings – Science Nation

MILES O’BRIEN: You might call him Lord of the Rings. DAVID STAHLE: The tree ring lab is hands-on and so we encourage everybody to touch these pieces of wood. This is a cross section of a Redwood tree. MILES O’BRIEN: David Stahle is dendrochronologist at the University of Arkansas. DAVID STAHLE: The annual growth rings […]

BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

hey guys good morning welcome to the construction site today it’s Friday the guys are putting up forms for the foundation wall we’re almost finished a bathtub like premade forms for both we’re going to use these as passwords for the wall for the sanitary installation and different title has to pass through the concrete […]

BoH 32 – The Pump Was Too Short – House Foundation Walls Concrete Pour