Vertical Farming Explained, with Dickson Despommier

As of this moment WHO and the population counsel estimate that about 50 percent of us live in cities. And the other half, of course, lives somewhere else. The other thing we can learn from NASA of all places is how much land those seven billion people, half urban, half rural, actually need to produce […]

Lessons from an Organic Blueberry Farmer

I skipped class on Friday. I skipped class, packed my bags, and drove two and a half hours to WWOOF. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities Through Organic Farms. It’s a website that connects people with farmers. In exchange for your volunteer work, they give you a place to stay and food. I went to […]

Farming Under the Sea for Japan’s Rare Delicacy

(soft music) – [Narrator] Seaweed is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But, there’s unique type growing in the Pacific Ocean. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa. Home to one of the most unusual farming methods in the world. – [Narrator] Mr. Oshiro […]

Theory in Practice: A Tour of Zaytuna Farm

– Hi, Geoff Lawton here. And this is a 66 acre Zaytuna Farm which we started developing in 2001 through 2002. And, we laid out the mainframe of water harvesting systems, like this old swale here. This is the oldest, largest swale on the property. Planted the fruit forest, which is a perennial system. Even […]

Fighting to Keep Mexico’s Floating Farms Alive

– [Narrator] South of Mexico City is Xochimilco, known for its famous floating farms, or as the locals call them, – [Farmer] Chinampas. – [Narrator] Thanks, Lucio! – [Farmer] You got it. – [Narrator] With the help of this farmer, and this chef, this man is fighting to keep some of Mexico’s oldest farms alive. […]

Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2

Zaytuna Farm Update, January 2020

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. And after almost three months of consultancies and international aid work, I’ve returned home here to Zaytuna Farm. While I’ve been away, bushfires in the country’s southeast have burned nearly 6.3 million hectares of this beautiful country that I call home. People have lost their lives, properties have been destroyed, and […]

What It Takes to Farm 10,000 Oysters a Week in Freezing Temperatures — How to Make It

– Oyster farming does not stop after summer ends. I need to be grabbing these at the top, yeah? – [Kevin] You’re doing great. – It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s icy. I have about four layers on and I still can’t feel my feet, and we are out here seeing what it takes to farm […]

Urban, Farming, Farm, Family Farm, Mushrooms – America’s Heartland

Hi I’m Sarah Gardner. We leave the country behind on this edition of America’s Heartland to meet some people who do their farming… in the city. We hit the road to Albuquerque, New Mexico where some residents are getting close to the land with a community effort connecting consumers to their food. We’ll take you […]

How Trump’s USDA wants to change rules around school nutrition

JUDY WOODRUFF: When Michelle Obama was first lady, one of her key initiatives was to push for healthier nutrition and food choices. That translated into a change for public school lunches around the country. But the Trump administration and some state officials argue that the Obama administration went too far, and this administration has been […]