SugarCane – Hermits Animated (100 subs special)

Sugarcane, Pillar, Sugarcane, Brick Wall Sugarcane, Pillar, Sugarcane, Brick Wall Please, no one remix that, that won’t be a particularly good song Sugarcane, Pillar, Sugarcane, Brick Wall Here we go, here it comes Sugarcane, Pillar, Sugarcane, Brick Wall Oh, all the sugarcane! There wo go! Boats ‘n Hoes, Boats ‘n Hoes Sugarcane there, Sugarcane there […]

How Cane Sugar Is Made

Cane sugar has been a sweetener of choice for over two thousand years. It is used in all types of foods due to its versatility. It enhances flavor, aroma, texture, and browning. It also helps retain moisture and preserve freshness. Sugar starts with sugar cane. A tall tropical grass that can grow up to 20 […]

Ultimate Wasabi Guide ★ ONLY in JAPAN 究極のワサビ #28

This time we traveled to DAIO WASABI Farm in Nagano Prefecture It’s about 250km or 3hour drive or train ride from Tokyo Nagano is not only famous for the 1998 Olympics It’s also a top agricultural area and a place where Japan’s most notorious vegetable thrives WASABI The DAIO WASABI FARM is the largest in […]

How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody. Today I’m going to make Kimchi. Napa cabbage Kimchi. This amount of baechu (cabbage) is going to be 10 pounds. Cutting in half. This is very easy way. (upbeat drums) See, this is bite size. This is too wide. So I cut it this way. And then… Pour water to […]

How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard

Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener I grow organically. For healthy and safe food supply. For a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Fire blight is a severe disease that can affect pears, apples, and crabapples. While there’s no real cure for it you can prevent it and I’ll show you […]

CRANBERRY | How Does It Grow?

Of all the fruits farmed in the United States, you can count on one hand, how many are native to this land – cranberries are one of them. They were both food and medicine – to Native Americans – who recognize the cranberries’ anti-inflammatory properties. They even spread it on their arrow wounds. And today […]

Cherry picking dans l’Okanagan, Oliver, BC – Duarte Orchards (S1E1)

Episode 1: Cherries It is in the West of Canada that our journey starts. For some time now, we’ve been in the only desert in all of Canada: The Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia. Under the blazing sun, in the beautiful cherry orchards. Soon we’ll be leaving Duarte Orchards. We’ve been here for almost a […]