Greenhouses Increase Income in Mozambique

Several small farmers are learning to get profit out of their land; they are financed, receiving equipment/assets and they are learning how to do more and better. iDE is responsible for the idea that is changing the lives of many beneficiaries. From this organization, thousands of farmers found what they never had: an opportunity to […]

Jump Start your Career in International Agriculture with IARD 6020 – Global Development at Cornell

Classroom knowledge might be not enough to understand the whole concept. What it lacks is real life examples and how it works actually in reality. This trip helped me to see what I was lacking. Agriculture is something really different in the field. We have seen a lot of practical issues farmers are dealing with […]

Rural Transition in China | SMU Research

(♫) I’m Forrest Zhang, I’m an Associate Professor of Sociology at the School of Social Sciences. My research is about contemporary China and I do research in several fields but the most important one or the field in which my work has been the most influential, I would say is agricultural development in rural China. […]

#OnAssignment: Smart Farming with Chef José Andrés, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Clinton

Welcome, buenos días, welcome to Las Piedras. It’s definitely a great honor having you on our farm. This young couple is committed to sustainable, healthy, and productive farming on a little bit of land to grow crops and take care of them. And we’re learning how, I think, how more and more young people will […]

Agriculture & Food Security Webinar

Welcome to today’s webinar on the Agriculture & Food Security module produced by the Minnesota Department of Health. I am Micaela Resh, a Health Educator and Communications Specialist with the Climate and Health Program at the Minnesota Department of Health. The Minnesota Climate and Health Program is part of a nation-wide effort to anticipate, prepare […]

What is Agricultural Biosecurity?

If we have a disease introduction in what we call a mono-culture so a lot of for example Kansas is wheat and Nebraska is corn so when a new disease moves in if it takes hold and spreads quickly and we don’t have a source of resistance to that disease it can devastate a crop. […]

The Future Of Vertical Farming

– [Narrator] In the last video, we identified energy consumption as the primary barrier to plant factories having a big impact on the world and learned how vital improving absolute yield is to improving their energy efficiency. We also looked at a number of ways that future vertical farms can boost yield, lower their energy […]

Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?

The world is facing some major problems food security, water security species loss climate change Vertical farms have been proposed as part of the solution to these global problems But is it just another overhyped technology, with great claims but lacking in practical application? this video and go to explore these global problems, in context […]

Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture (Nature communications)

Intensification of agriculture has greatly increased food availability over recent decades. However, this has led to big adverse environmental impacts, such as nitrogen surplus, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and biodiversity loss. Feeding 9 billion people in 2050 with ever increasing per-capita consumption of meat, milk and eggs will further exacerbate this. We thus need alternatives […]

Introducing The Greenhouse Project

In just seven days a pepper seed can sprout. In just three months a tomato plant can fruit. And in just 10 years a small nonprofit can create a community that thrives on giving, growing and teaching. In 2008, The Greenhouse Project was founded upon the mission of providing fresh produce for residents of Nevada’s […]