Homestead Garden Tour – Food Forest and Market Garden (Easter 2019)

Hello I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. Today I thought we’d do a garden tour. But first of all I need to let the birds out for the day. Well hello, good morning sweeties, hello darlings, yes hello, good morning. Yes it’s lovely to see you all. Oh good morning. No, you want […]


Capuchin I wrote it in a short we are nature there’s nothing that isn’t nature everything is nature there’s nothing outside it’s realm so it’s really a big mistake that we have been meeting for a while to separate ourselves from it well for many years working in the food and beverage industry where I […]

Starting Our Food Forest and Permaculture Woodland In Nova Scotia Canada: Episode One Zone 6b

Episode One {ambient piano music} Replenishing a forgotten lot into a small woodland and food forest with Nature trails and areas for repose. This area was supposed to become a small horse field but after my equine partner passed away, it was left to grow into a tangle of brambles, evergreens and clumping maples. I […]

Behind the Scenes of the Greening the Desert Project

Hi Geoff here. And it’s my final day in Jordan. I’m all cleaned up. I’m ready to catch a plane to Australia. I just want to show you a little bit of the project and how it’s still developing, not the normal walk around and see all the nice bits. Let me show you all […]

Suburban Perennial Food Forest Update

One of our goals is to grow more edible perennials in our garden. We really like the idea of growing crops that come back year after year with very little effort or expense, and we’d eventually like to grow as many perennials as we do annuals, or more. We made some progress toward this goal […]

How to Chop and Drop in a Food Forest “Living Permaculture” Episode 4

today’s videos is on Chop and Drop management in agroforestry so let’s talk a little bit about Chop and Drop management in agroforestry and food forest systems the concept behind chop and drop is planting out with a leguminous ideally like leguminous plants but can really use anything that has has biomass know with it […]

Tree Collards – The Perfect Perennial for lazy allotmenteers

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a plant whose leaves were highly nutritious, was resistant to slug attack, it was fast-growing and hardy and truly maintenance-free, whose leaves could be harvested throughout any season of the year. Well…May I introduce The tree collard! Sometimes called tree kale, Brassica oleracea, who is always pleased to […]

Food Forest Fertility

Well here we are, it’s our last day, of a warm month, on grand permaculture in action internship at the Greening the Desert site in Jordan. And I’m going to take for a little bit of a last minute tour. Let’s have a look. Everybody’s engaged. There’s people still working on irrigation. There’s plenty of […]

Tour a Thriving 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness

My philosophy about what to do in the world isn’t, go to a pristine area and live there and enjoy your life. It’s to find a place that’s degraded and fix it up. Twenty-three years ago we started developing the food forest system here. A food forest is a permanent planting. So you want to […]

Fast-Tracking Food Forest Permanence

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. In the food forest area where we’ve been doing a fast establishment and we’ve actually used a rotary hoe to change grass, weed regime quickly into a fast food forest at this time of year. Let me show you the comparison of an area right next door. Here’s our cattle laneway, […]