77-Year old Pole Vaulter Credits Farm Life

[Music] [Walton County, Georgia/Produced by Ray D’Alessio] [Ray D’Alessio] Each morning, Cook Holliday makes the short walk from his house in Walton County to this, by definition, a pole barn. But it’s not just a pole barn in the traditional sense. You see, at the tender young age of 77, Cook Holliday is an accomplished […]

Flower Dome At Gardens By The Bay *Christmas Edition*! Singapore (GoPro – 4K)

Hey, this is Jeremiah… this is a continuous journey for my previous videos if you wish to have the full experience of Gardens By The Bay then please also check out the links below this video. With no further ado, let’s experience the beauty of the Flower Dome!

Poinsettias – Lowe’s Greenhouse

Everybody, it’s Jeff from Lowe’s Greenhouses again, and we’re here in the production greenhouses. We have house upon house filled with poinsettias. we’ve grown these from little tiny babies when we give them a little bit of heat, a little bit more room Makes a much better plant to last much longer in his spring. […]

The Venus Flytrap / How to Grow a Venus FlyTrap : Everything you need to know in 3 minutes.

Hi everyone welcome back to the greenhouse. In Todays video, We are going to talk about Venus-flytraps. To give you guys some tips and tricks about growing them to make sure you have as much success as I do. Now one of the misconceptions about growing Venus-flytraps is that there really hard to grow. That […]

Growing Poinsettias as a Greenhouse Crop

I’m Beef-liane and this is B-Rad and we are the Hortoccult thanks coming along for the ride on this episode of the podcast we’re gonna talk about propagating poinsettias and your simple maintenance care for once you have that poinsettia so we are actually looking at the culture guide the poinsettia a culture guide you […]

How to Grow Orchids: Growing Orchids Indoors : Protecting Orchids in Greenhouses

Two common materials used in today’s greenhouses to get around the problems that we would have with glass is to use a polycarbonate. And the polycarbonate has certain advantages. One, it’s very resistant to damage by snow, hail, wind and other features. And typically if you look at it, you can build in between it, […]

Meet our Master Growers of Visser Chrysanten

We harvest Sabas here by first removing 50 to 60% … of the ripest, best and freshest twigs … and making a bund of 5. This creates a beautiful, consistent product which is what VannoVa stands for. We wait 1.5 to 2 days and then harvest the rest. We then have a better product for […]

Agriculture and K-9 Intervention Saved this Veteran’s Life

{Sad Dramatic Music] [Chris Dorsey/Founder, Warrior Farms] You know, I had… I was self-medicating with alcohol. I’d pushed my family away, failed relationships. I was in the middle of a custody battle for my son. So I was sitting’ there with my 45 in my hand and on my bathroom floor, ready to take my […]

Amazing Urban Permaculture Food Forest Garden with Edible Exploding Impatiens

This is John Kohler from GrowingYourGreens.com. Today I have a very special treat for you. We’re outside Portland, Oregon, at a viewer’s and also a friend’s house, and they have—guess I’m gonna get hit by a car if I don’t get out of the street real soon. This is about a three acre plot and […]

Thai Agriculture Technic commercial – Area Division

There are Mr.Red’s farm & Mr.Green’s farm Sugar-crane price is high this year Mr.Red decided to plant sugar cane ALL of his land. Mr.Green decided to plant them just only here The rest are for longan, banana, corn diging a pound, raising fish Vegetable garden, herbs and some standing timber Red is hungry he sells […]