Roblox FE2 Map Test | Flood Forest (Remake) [Easy Normal/Solo] – By Creeperreaper487 (Add Voice)

Already we died Is not really our problem Flood Forest Remake Normal Okay Let see No longer W.I.P work in progress Also I don’t know why is remake. (???) Flood Escape 6 (???) But I give out of rating of Easy Normal Also I, uhh.. C’mon!>:C let’s see that all for now I guess .-. […]

FEMA Accessible: Shelter in Place During a Disaster

If local officials give the order to shelter in place, take action to do so immediately. The risk of rapid, severe flooding and flying debris is extremely high. If you are in a high rise building and need to shelter in place, go to the first or second floor hallways or interior rooms. You want […]

Erosion and Soil

Hi I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. The big idea today is erosion and how water has the power to shape our land. But we do not want the water to shape our land too much because we need that soil to grow plants. We use those plants for food and animals use […]