Why Sugaring Is The Best Type Of Hair Removal | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

The way we apply the sugar paste – it kind of seeps into the hair follicle, wraps around the hair, and then it pulls it out. The craft is always being perfected. It’s like an art of hair removal. My name is Page Ellson and I’m gonna get sugared today. Since I was a gymnast […]

Healing in the Enchanted Forest | Binaural | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation leads you into the magical woods that are rich with the goodness of nature’s wealth. It does wonders for anyone who has the time to wander at leisure in this woodland, and to avail of its healing powers. All physical problems have their roots in the subtle body of your being. Meditation, […]

Visible Farmer Episode 4: THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER / Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Hi, I’m Ketut Bassett. A biodynamic organic farmer.We grow more than 20 types of tropical fruitand I truly love what I do.– Very clever. –– I can’t do that. –I grew up in Bali doing rice with my family.– You have to teach me how to do a cart-wheel. –As a young girl, no, I […]

Hacienda Lunch

>>female speaker: Esta la aqui en la florist cafe of de origin de un buen. [both speaking spanish]>>female speaker: What do you got?>>female speaker: Pollo, frijoles,>>female speaker: What else?>>female speaker: Platanos fritos. Then arroz. Then chiles, picante con cremas y jalapenos.>>female speaker: Si! Muy bien. Me gusta. Y Coca Cola.>>female speaker: Que?