Tropical Permaculture Fruit Forest Feeds Off Grid Family

Alright! This is John Kohler of Today we have another exciting episode for you, and this is super special, exciting episode for you guys because I’ve been waiting literally for years to do this episode at my friend’s place. And this trip to Maui I’m actually doing it for you guys, this is definitely […]

Passive solar greenhouses in Mongolia to defy cold winters (short version)

টরেন্টোতে আখি ও নুর জালাল দম্পতির আঙিনা কৃষি | পর্ব ২৪ | Yard farming | Shykh Seraj | Channel i |

Vaibhav Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm

6 Tyne 6 Feet Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm used for Inter Cultivation Manufacturer: Vaibhav Agro Industries, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Ph:(0241)2777535, 9420703399

Yard Vlog 21, ( Old Farm House Progress / Honda Fourtrax Quad Project, )

hi guys his yard vlog to anyone in this video I’ll be showing a new quad project like God wish the quick projects I want to get up and running a farm quad launder 4 tracks yun bread so I’ll show Eli I’ve been doing for the last two weeks on a and the builders […]

‘My hands and legs ache a lot’: migrant sugarcane workers, Marathwada | Maharashtra

What is your name? Umesh Narayan Kedar What is the method of cutting cane? Once from the bottom to uproot it, and then at the top to chop off the part that doesn’t have sugar Why is that? It creates a ‘double foot’ (a new shoot grows from the base again) How many years have […]

How to Harvest Bananas in a Permaculture Food Forest

I’m Brendon McKeon and and we’re out here my farm in Tambor Costa Rica and today we will be talking a little bit about banana harvesting banana harvesting is a real straight forward thing but i just want to give you some tips in inside secrets to make sure you get the most out your […]

Farmhouse visits Kim Darmody from Tathra Homestead

Outside the small South Australian country town Kapunda you find a remarkable 66 acres of Tathra homestead run by the Darmody family remarkable not only for its stunning location but for the unique olive oil it produces. Kim how is Australian olive oil different to imported olive oil. Most Australian olive oil is extra virgin […]

Sugarcane Cultivation Improved in India | DuPont™ Coragen® – “Sweetness of Victory”

0:00:03:500,0:00:22:000 >>Rajinder Singh: I’ve been a farmer all my life. My dad was a farmer too. Cane faces a lot of danger from the borer. I stopped growing sugarcane in my fields four years ago. Because they were all destroyed, it limited my income, caused us a lot of worry. 0:00:25:000,0:00:39:000 >>Rahul Tyagi: India is […]

Reef Rescue – Sugar Cane Farmers – Great Barrier Reef

It’s a cane farm, we produce approximately 150,000 tonne of sugar cane and we do legume fallow crops. We’re laser levelling all our ground, we then … bed format, two meters. We’re only going to be working 50% of the ground in the future. Instead of using harmful chemicals to the environment we use Round-Up […]