DIY Antique Farmhouse Chalkboard Chicken Pig Cow Stencil

Start by using Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil Give the spray 30-60 seconds to get tacky before pressing to the center of your project Use a ruler to measure the sides of your stencil from the sides of the mat to makes sure it’s centered Press down your stencil and then […]

IKEA Farmhouse Decor

Hi, everyone. It’s Lisa from the blog Farmhouse On Boone and today I want to talk about a post that is very popular on my blog, and has been for quite some time, and that is my favorite farmhouse finds from IKEA. People come to my blog to see what I have found at IKEA […]

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

Hey guys, it’s Lisa from the blog and I’m here in my laundry room ready to show you our cabinet organization slash redo. I’m really really excited about this video. The transformation that ended up happening, I really liked the before and after more than I even expected to. So I promised you an […]

Wagner Flexio 3000 vs. Paint Brush | Chalk Paint Furniture with Spray Gun

hi everybody its Christina from pretty distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I am gonna be making over these chairs but I have a little twist for you guys I’m gonna be using a paint sprayer for the very first time this is the Wagner Flexio 3000 and I’m going to be […]

Time Stopped in this Old Abandoned St. Valentine’s Farmhouse

Dear Valentine, I see you’re older now. Yes. You’ve changed. A lot. Pain and loneliness did that to me, too. Loving is hard, it doesn’t always work out. But it’s ok. Some days you just have to create your own sunshine. Let it all go..and see what stays. Love, Dark Pirate.


Want to create the modern farmhouse look in your kitchen. In this video I’m going to share five suggestions of things you can aim to include in your kitchen to get that modern farmhouse look and feel We have built and designed many kitchens over the years for our clients and I’ve started to notice […]

The Modern Farmhouse, The Thistle, The Cabana, The Pink Heritage | Living Design For A Tiny House

The Modern Farmhouse, The Thistle, The Cabana, The Pink Heritage | Living Design For A Tiny House


E: Whoa! E: The camera will not focus on you right now. K: Are you serious? E: Gone wrong! E: Ow! That’s poking into my skin! E: Is there a witch in the well? E: That’s definitely not stable! [Exploring Abandoned Family Farm] E: Hello my name is Em and this is Kelly! E: And […]

Jester King Simple Means Farmhouse Altbier | John’s Brew Review

Hey, gang, and welcome back to John’s brew review. My name [is] John and this week I’m actually going to be bringing you a craft brew Specifically because this happens to be craft beer week or at least according to my instagram feed and some of the hashtags that I’m seeing [so] with that said […]

Armstrong’s Home Furnishings – Town of Wainwright

(slow upbeat music) – Whether you are looking for kitchen appliances, laundry, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, mattresses. We offer a wide selection of quality furniture with many customizable options. For the look that expresses your individuality. Whether your style is laid back, rustic farmhouse, urban chic, modern boho or something in between, we can […]