Farmhouse Decor Walmart Shop with Me and Haul 2019

hi everybody its Christina from pretty distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be doing a shop with me at Walmart to be on the hunt for all things farmhouse alright so we’re gonna go into Walmart and see what we can find let’s go if you are new to […]

Fall Hearth Decorating Ideas

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and today I’d like to show you some great fall hearth decorating ideas! So here I’m going to decorate with two metal pumpkins I got one large and one a smaller size now when I’m placing stuff I usually put the largest object on the outside. Now what I […]


Welcome back to my channel. So, today I’m going to be doing another DIY. I’m going to be making a spring type, Mother’s Day type floral centerpiece. We’re just going to throw all that in there because I’m not really sure what I’m making. It’s going to like . . . I’m going to wing […]

How to Make a Farmhouse Winter Wreath & GIVEAWAY I DIY I How to Cook Craft & Cake It

Hi everybody Vida along with my buddy brandon coppin from designer slash gamer We’re gonna talk about that in a minute, but first. We are gonna show you how to make a garland wreath These are wonderful and we got all of the Garland or the tree trimmings for free let us show you how […]

Thrift With Me + Home Decor Haul | MCC Thrift Store

buddy I’m back I really want to thank everybody for watching my videos while I was gone and I’m so thankful that I had a handful of videos that you’ve never seen before so I really didn’t have to stress so much you know that’s great how it worked out that way cuz normally I […]

How-to make a Rustic Cedar Farmhouse Table / Aged Finish

Hey guys today we’re gonna take you through the steps we took to build the best rustic cedar Farmhouse table you’ll ever see that can sit up to eight large people or ten small people Anyways, you be the judge We just got back from the hardware store and when I pick out wood there […]

DIY Lithuanian Christmas Ornaments l Farmhouse Decor

Hi everybody so this year I wanted to share with you a big part of our family’s holiday tradition and that is making Lithuanian Christmas ornaments and the beautiful thing about all of this. It’s a DIY and it has that kind of farmhouse Feel. Now, this is something that Lithuanian is used to make […]

Come Home to a Cozy Fall Farmhouse | Homemakers 2017

When the air is crisp and cool and the leave are a brilliant orange and gold, there is no better feeling than coming home to a warm, cozy space. Our fall marketplace is stocked with everything you need to create an inviting farmhouse-inspired home. Rustic comfort and style are evident in our wooden signs, accent […]

(Farmhouse) HUGE MESS// CLEAN WITH ME 2019

hello beauties and welcome back to two each a clean home in today’s video I am going to do a huge clean with me I’m cleaning my bedroom which is a disaster at this point so come along with me as I get that clean but first let me show you something [Music] my life […]

Rustic Home Decor; DIY Farmhouse Sign – MINIMAL TOOLS REQUIRED

Hey everybody this is and I’m going to show you how to build these diy farmhouse decor style stain board signs. (rustic home decor) My wife was looking at buying one of these on some Etsy page and they wanted like $100 for it. My jaw dropped. I’m like wow I have probably less […]