‘I didn’t get any fruits. Only the orchard survived’

What is your name? Bhausaheb Bhere How much mosambi do you have? One hectare How have you managed the orchard? I used some of my own water Spent 50,000 on tankers as well Did it work? It did. Though 25-30 trees still died The orchard survived, but what about fruits? No. I didn’t get any […]

ನೈಸರ್ಗಿಕವಾಗಿ ಬೆಳೆದ ಶ್ರೀಗಂಧ ಗಿಡಗಳು -Without Any Facilties!!-natural sandalwood

Iam sharanayya swami. Welcome to kisanvarte Nowadays awareness about sandalwood cultivation is created in many farmers. Many farmers are eagerly traveling somewhere in search of where sandalwood is cultivated and how it is growing. So I am advising to many of our farmers that you can see growthof sandalwood in your own farm land near […]

Tulsi Gabbard on Agriculture and Food Self Sufficiency

Tulsi Gabbard>>Hawaii is such a beautiful place, and we have so many resources here that are available to us , what we need to do is be more focused on exploring the potential of our resources and one of our best is the ability to grow our own food and to be sustainable and we […]

Food For Life – Ecological Farming in Kenya

Kenya. A country famous for its hard working people… …fertile soils and a tropical climate which ensures two rainy seasons a year. Ideal conditions for a healthy and prosperous agricultural sector. As climate change is making an impact across the continent… …African farmers are having to adapt rapidly to new and uncertain conditions. This film […]

Marketing Your Farm Fresh Products

I think in our business a key with any business is to know your markets and grow for which you can market you know from our producers standpoint what people don’t realize is as a grower themselves we have to learn to market our product on a continuing basis versus planting and then trying to […]