Decisive Farming helps farms simplify decisions

Feeding the world is a big job. The goal is to grow 70 percent more food by 2050. Farming is getting tougher with high input costs, environmental pressures, and increasingly volatile weather but there have been advancements to help the world farm smarter and produce more food. With the agricultural technologies available today farmers have […]

Why Be A Farmer or Rancher?

Hi I’m Mike. Why do people choose to be ranchers or farmers? Isn’t it a lonely, back backbreaking, monotonous, tedius, low paying, dull job? Well today, I am here to share with you, why I do this year after year, why I left a 6 figure corporate job to do it, and why I still […]

Chris Trump: Korean Natural Farming in a nut shell

Hello. Let me give you Korean Natural Farming in a Nutshell. Forgive me. I’m a nut farmer and that’s a nut joke. But really, Korean natural farming, if you aren’t one of the initiated or don’t know about it, is kind of ambiguous. So let me break it down. It is an attempt – one […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Farming Global Nemesis: Telethia Plume – UNDER 50 SEC BATTLE!

I have the party to keep Telethia Plume’s attention from being entirely on me. Unless you have reflect protection for them though, don’t have them board their skells! You need to lock onto Telethia Plume’s chest as it must be destroyed twice. The aura (blue art) is lit. Hit it to stave off the weather […]

Mutant Mower – Welker Farms Inc

what’s up guys so today let’s talk about that swather I like to call it the mutant mower you guys asked earlier in the Instagram Facebook post even YouTube when I put up a picture that a weird deck Moore’s walk that we had if I could make a video on it so today it’s […]

100,000 Subscribers! – Tribute – Welker Farms Inc

any nine thousand nine hundred ninety one nine nine thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand three Oh Nick yeah I’m just trying to do that prop 95 inventory for to turn into fill crop for the yield on these peas here just about done yeah you’re not gonna believe it we just hit 100,000 subscribers […]

Soilless farming in India|| Hydroponic farm my garden || कैसे करे cultivation?

My name is Sushil Kumar Today I am sharing with you a latest information you are watching cucumber plant This is planted in pipes How it is prepared by Mr Hemant Kumar this is almost ready we will see how much it is beneficial as compared to the traditional farming Can we start it at […]

Farmer Crushed Under Tractor’s Tires

I’m Glen Dunsmore, an occupational hygiene officer with WorkSafeBC. This farm was the scene of a tragic accident involving a tractor. Here’s what happened. On farms, tractors are commonly used to tow liquid manure spreaders. A tractor operator had backed a liquid manure spreader up to a manure pond to fill its 4,500-gallon tank. Once […]

Smashing Concrete and A Gift From Case IH – Welker Farms Inc

so what happens when you never the when you ignore this some okay well it’s the crap rocket here I’m sure he’s how did he even survive in that I don’t know rod sir just know he threw an extra leg all right guys we’re over at what we call the quad set quad set […]