Tropical Permaculture Fruit Forest Feeds Off Grid Family

Alright! This is John Kohler of Today we have another exciting episode for you, and this is super special, exciting episode for you guys because I’ve been waiting literally for years to do this episode at my friend’s place. And this trip to Maui I’m actually doing it for you guys, this is definitely […]

Urban Exploration: ABANDONED Livingston Farm House

Walking down this long road here Lets go check it out Here we are at this one after going down the road Scared the hell.. out.. of me.. great now dust is flying That must be all th freaking stuff the cats are laying in This place smells like cat pee in here it is […]

Making Cane Syrup the Old Way

This is Billy and Barbra Turner, course I was raised here on this place that we’re on now. Been cooking syrup with my dad all my life from the time I was a small child on up till he got to the position of age that he could no longer do it, and we took […]

Country Chicken Recipe at My Farm House | కట్టెల పొయ్యి మీద నాటు కోడి కూర (Tasty Chicken Recipe)

Country Chicken Recipe at My Farm House

Vaibhav Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm

6 Tyne 6 Feet Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm used for Inter Cultivation Manufacturer: Vaibhav Agro Industries, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Ph:(0241)2777535, 9420703399

Yard Vlog 21, ( Old Farm House Progress / Honda Fourtrax Quad Project, )

hi guys his yard vlog to anyone in this video I’ll be showing a new quad project like God wish the quick projects I want to get up and running a farm quad launder 4 tracks yun bread so I’ll show Eli I’ve been doing for the last two weeks on a and the builders […]

Fred MacMurray’s Enduring Farmhouse Retreat

(mellow guitar) – Healdsburg was a very, very quaint small town. And when I say small town, I mean literally the sort of small town that Norman Rockwell would write about, or paint. I was raised here. I was brought here as an infant, and I grew up here, and this home has been a […]

How to Harvest Bananas in a Permaculture Food Forest

I’m Brendon McKeon and and we’re out here my farm in Tambor Costa Rica and today we will be talking a little bit about banana harvesting banana harvesting is a real straight forward thing but i just want to give you some tips in inside secrets to make sure you get the most out your […]

Small Farm House Situated In Central Otago With Stunning Panoramic Views

Small Farm House Situated In Central Otago With Stunning Panoramic Views