Hey Bill Nye, ‘How Do Greenhouse Gases Trap Photons in Our Atmosphere’? #TuesdaysWithBill

Hello Mr. Nye. Happy Tuesday. My name is Billy. I’m a big fan and I have a question about climate change. If the photons from the sun are trapped in our atmosphere by our greenhouse gases then how come those same greenhouse gases don’t block photons from the sun from ever entering our atmosphere? Is […]

How to Plant 20 MILLION TREES – Smarter Every Day 227 #TeamTrees

– Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. There’s a really cool thing happening on the internet right now and we want you to be a part. It’s called Team Trees and the goal is simple: 20,000,000 trees by 2020, and we actually have a mechanism to do this. If you go […]

Turn Apple Seeds Into A Tree

hey guys it’s good to see you again I’m back today with the fun and simple little experiments that you can try at home the only materials are going to need for this project are an apple a knife a ziplock bag and some paper towel now for this project today I thought it’d be […]

Mixing Coke With Propane Doesn’t Do What You Think It Does

Hey what’s up guys. It’s a new day and a new experiment. Now in a previous video, you remember we took liquid nitrogen and put them in water bottles and made improvised nitrogen rockets. Apparently, some people figured out you can do the same thing using Coke and propane. So that’s what we’re doing today. […]