Growing Food in the City – Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto

>>ARLENE: we are at a quarter-acre rooftop farm at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. We produce ten thousand pounds of food each year that goes to the farmers’ market and to our CSA customers and it’s distributed to the food room as well which is where students can get food for free. When we started […]

Behind the Scenes of the Greening the Desert Project

Hi Geoff here. And it’s my final day in Jordan. I’m all cleaned up. I’m ready to catch a plane to Australia. I just want to show you a little bit of the project and how it’s still developing, not the normal walk around and see all the nice bits. Let me show you all […]

Intensive Dairy Farming – Is this the way to do it? (BBC Countryfile)

The Midwest. Farming on an industrial scale here is a way of life. Back home there are controversial plans to copy the American model to build the biggest dairy we’ve ever seen in the UK, where thousands of cows will be milked around the clock. I’ve come to the States to see what’s in store […]

The Farming of Bluefin Tuna | Foodbeast Doc

Bluefin tuna is one of the most coveted fish among sushi lovers. Because of the popularity of trendy foods – like poke, spicy tuna rolls, and sushi donuts – fish purveyors have had to look for alternatives to wild-caught fish just to meet this crazy demand. We are here in Japan where an organization called […]

Energy Independence: On Farm Biodiesel Fuel Production

[ Noise ]>>A hundred years ago, we used 20 percent of our land base for fuel and that was to feed the horses and today we still can use 20 percent of our land base for fuel but that’s making biodiesel. So it’s kinda ironic that the same percentages holds true today as it did […]

Urban Farming: Fixing the broken food system & improving health | Paul Myers | TEDxLiverpool

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Denise RQ Evolution was the first concept at school that really captivated me. At about 16, it seemed relevant, and it was disruptive to my worldview at the time, so I decided I’ll go to university, and I’ll learn more about it. So I did that. Then I took a step […]

INRAE, French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.

In 2030, our planet will be home to more than 8 billion people. Malnutrition, climate change, loss of biodiversity, depletion of fossil fuels… these are all threats to global stability and challenges that we must face head-on. Agriculture is the backbone of human society. What we eat affects both our health and the environment. Producing […]

From City Life to Cattle Farming | Farmer Stories

I’m Jane Sale from Yougawalla Station. I live here with my husband and two young children. We part own and manage Yougawalla and Bulka Station here in the Kimberley. It’s probably one of the most isolated stations in the north west of Australia. We have a wonderful life out here running our cattle. I came […]

Management of Contract Farms

When we partner with a grower at Cooper Farms, we don’t just stop our attention to that grower at the completion of the building. Part of our program at Cooper’s is to audit our growers to make sure they are following proper procedures, so as far as vegetation around the building, making sure rodents are […]