🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is done, all, […]

New Empty House Tour!

(upbeat music ) – Good morning passengers we are having issues this morning. What are you guys all doing here on the floor? They’re all trying to get into dad’s room, but dad’s exercising in his underwear. And he’s got the door locked because we have– – [Chad] Lots of clothes at the other house. […]


[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be an updated house tour so come on in the very first room that we come to is our office which is actually supposed to be a dining room but we needed an office more than we needed a dining room because […]

EMPTY HOUSE TOUR | My First Home! (Modern Farmhouse Style)

(light music) – Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven, I’m super excited for this video because I am finally bringing you guys my empty-house tour. If you guys have been following me for a while you know that I have been building this house for the past year and it is finally done. It is […]

Major renovation in this farmhouse located in Dallas, GA

Good morning. My name is Victor Aponte from MOG Improvement. We’re in a really good project, a major renovation here in Dallas, Georgia. And we’re going to check it out. Come on in. We re-lay out actually all this house. New framing, new electrical on this level. New plumbing, new HVAC. As you see, we […]