Let’s Go To An Apple Orchard | Caitie’s Classroom | School Field Trip For Kids

(guitar chord) (gentle music) – We’re here at the apple orchard in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s a beautiful day. I’m so excited to go look around and pick some apples. Let’s go! To the orchard, we’re going the right way. (gasps) Look! (chuckles) This place is so fun. (gasps) These are the apples that they have […]

The Craziest Ant Farm I’ve Ever Made

This El Dragon paludarium setup was such a huge success. It made me look over to our Black Dragons’ neighbours, the Golden Empire in their Hacienda Del Dorado. Our Yellow Crazy Ants have been living in this terrarium for over a year. Look at all of that chaos! The Hacienda Del Dorado was in desperate […]

I. Children’s Orchard – How can we cultivate a new education?

You always have to grow, You have to learn constantly, You have to always be on the search, on the run Without ever listening at what is happening inside you. This endless growth is breaking the fundamental law of nature: The circles. My father was traveling, to various places in Greece, Searching for place to […]

10 Countries Most Afflicted By Modern Slavery

Slavery used to look like this, then it evolved into this, and today it looks like this. In fact, there are an estimated 45.8 million people living in modern slavery across 167 different countries. They fall into three general categories: children held in the commercial sex trade; adults held in the commercial sex trade; and […]

Fire Ants vs. Simulated River Jungle

And speaking of this delicate and important partnership, it seems one of our biggest ant colonies on this channel has been long deserving of their own territory upgrade and expansion, and many of you have also shared this sentiment! AC Family, you guys demanded for an update on the most famous and long-standing ants on […]

Who Was Behind the Hinterkaifeck Murders?

On the evening of March 31st, 1922, disaster struck a small Bavarian farmstead about 43 miles north of Munich, Germany. The six inhabitants of the farm were killed with a mattock (an agricultural tool similar to a pickaxe) and the murders remain chillingly unsolved. A few days prior to the killing spree, the father, farmer […]

Charleston Tea Plantation

We’re at the Charleston Tea Plantation this is the only tea grown in America the tea plants came from cuttings that came to America in 1888 uh… they were uh… they were grown in Summerville by Dr. Charles Shepherd. He grew tea from 1888 to 1915 in 1915 he died and that was the end […]

Games for Toddlers | First Orchard by Haba | Play and Review

Oh my goodness! Grayson! What does that mean? Hi friends and thanks for watching this episode of What’s in a Game today we’re playing First Orchard this game is designed for ages 2 and up and the objective is to collect all the fruits in the orchard before the nasty Raven gets to it to […]

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