Energy Independence: On Farm Biodiesel Fuel Production

[ Noise ]>>A hundred years ago, we used 20 percent of our land base for fuel and that was to feed the horses and today we still can use 20 percent of our land base for fuel but that’s making biodiesel. So it’s kinda ironic that the same percentages holds true today as it did […]

Food, Farming, and Faith – Norman Wirzba

[MUSIC] There are so many exciting and invigorating things happening at Duke University, but if you ask me, one of the most important is the Duke Farm. I’m not going to tell you a lot about what’s happening at the Duke Farm, which you can see pictured behind me, because what I would really love […]

Small Scale Aquaponics For Beginners and Hobbyist – Grow Lots of Food

q what about harvesting the fish what does that take well it actually kind of takes jumping in there to get them you the waters really dark and a Nile tilapia are really dark-colored they’re really hard to see so we have to check their weight and monitor their health so the only way to […]

Food, Earth, Happiness [Official – Short Film on Natural Farming]

This is an abbreviated edit of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness” It was filmed, edited, and produced by an American photographer and Korean book editor who quit their jobs and spent four years… …in search of those who are learning again how to live with the Earth The film is inspired […]

Bacteria Safari: The forest on your fingernail

They are everywhere. On our skin and in our bodies, on the food we eat and in every environment on the planet. They shape our lives and dramatically influence our health. They are bacteria, but few of us give them a second thought. New scientific research is revealing how these tiny organisms, invisible to the […]

Good Agricultural Practice – English Subtitles – TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel

(música) Did you know that we have been discussing good agricultural practices for 10 years? Let´s look at a the value of this certificate An important part of preparing for the opportunities available to us is to implement and get certified on good agricultural practices, This means meeting the international quality standards that the global […]

AgriCULTURE – Crawfish Farmers in South Louisiana

I started about sixty five years ago when I first bought this piece of property I started off with three acres of crawfish which I would do manually without a boat and of course I progressed through the years and a few years later I got the 20 acres still, still doing it without a […]

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Do you want to become an expert in forest ecology and sustainable management? Do your master’s at SLU.