How to Read-Only Farm! Borderlands/Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel

How to Chop and Drop in a Food Forest “Living Permaculture” Episode 4

today’s videos is on Chop and Drop management in agroforestry so let’s talk a little bit about Chop and Drop management in agroforestry and food forest systems the concept behind chop and drop is planting out with a leguminous ideally like leguminous plants but can really use anything that has has biomass know with it […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Droppin’ Burgers, Growin’ Trees

(Intro) BLAINE: You know what we can do is we can talk about how we were really hungry before the show GUS: yeah that’s the perfect segway. GUS: Before the podcast starts we typically get food in for the cast and the crew GUS: So they went and they got In-N-Out today GUS: and we […]

Felling a tall tree leaning the wrong way using a Maasdam rope puller “Rope come along”

alright I’m using the rope come along to help me put tree where I want it here I got a strap around this tree rope come along I think I got about 500 feet of line or maybe it’s 300 out remember I bought a big roll have it halfway up the tree there I […]

Plantation Bay Tennis Tips: Volleying

Hi, my name is Dave Brown and I’m the Tennis Director here at Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach and today’s lesson is on the volley. We’re working on volleying the ball deep, okay. Closing in on the net and then following the winner short. Okay, here we go. That’s it, good footwork. Now drop it. […]