Voices of Transition – Clip – Urban agriculture in Cuba

so I think rather than us sitting in the West saying… we’ve come up with the next development model for the developing world we should flip it around the other way cause actually we have an enormous amount to learn from people who live with much less than we do about food, and building and […]

Hulk’s Family Tree! Meet All The Dogs Of DDK9s | DOG DYNASTY

Marlon: What makes a DDK dog? Stability, strength, speed, gentleness. This is a Hall of Fame. It’s a long history of dogs here. This is where it all started. This is the Hall of Fame in my house right here. So this is just kind of where it started. Although we’re known for our training […]

The advance on Schmidt | Hell in the Hürtgen Forest | Part II

In the first episode we left the 28th infantry Division right after their initial attacks on the 2nd of November around Hürtgen, Vossenack and Simonskall. The attacks to capture Schmidt and the nearby water dam hadn’t gone completely as planned. To the north, the 109th Infantry regiment was able to capture one of its two […]

Wheat Harvesting Methods Complete Process in India & Pakistan Agriculture farming

India and Pakistan are in the world top 10 wheat producers country mostly 4 methods used to harvest wheat in South Asia harvesting wheat is a really difficult process that requires? pretty good preparation and Decent timing wheat is grown all over the world It covers more of the Earth’s surface than any other cereal […]

Supreme Revenge: Linda Greenhouse Interview

Let’s start with where you are and where the judicial world is when the word comes that Robert Bork may be the nominee of Ronald Reagan in his nearly last year of his presidency. Well, to back up a bit, so Justice Powell, the swing justice of his time, announced his retirement. That took people […]

Tour a Thriving 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness

My philosophy about what to do in the world isn’t, go to a pristine area and live there and enjoy your life. It’s to find a place that’s degraded and fix it up. Twenty-three years ago we started developing the food forest system here. A food forest is a permanent planting. So you want to […]

The Wild Route: Leaving Work and Home for a Forest Life | NBC Left Field

I would find myself sitting at my desk, wishing the day was over so I could home. And then I would wish that it was Friday so I could have the weekend off, and I wished my next vacation was coming up, and I realized that I was very literally wishing away my life. Does […]

Far from the Tree – Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects

This is a call from an offender at a Louisiana Department of Corrections facility. What baby? All parents deal with children who are not what they imagined. My parents really didn’t want to have a gay son. I wanted to see how other families managed it. But I don’t wanna know just about families of […]

IoT: Powering the Digital Economy – The B2C Agriculture Sector | Schneider Electric

Goshawk Master of the Forest – Planet Doc Express

The lushest forests are the stronghold of the goshawk, who, through carefully planned ambushes, hunts a wide range of prey, pouncing on them accurately and relentlessly. Exceptionally well-suited to the dense forests, it perches out of sight among the high branches, from where it surveys every detail of what is happening below: it is not […]