Rabbit Farming

Agriculture is the last option of the people today. Most of the villagers are attracted by the city life. But many of them are not aware of the work tensions, time management, calculated life style and the necessity of expertise of the city people. In the villages wastage of working time for unrelated things is […]

Inside The Illegal Bear Bile Market | Breaking Into Vietnamese Bear Farms

In some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations animals are being exploited for profit. MAN SHOUTS TIGER ROARS But British wildlife activists are fighting back. The pool’s tiny. Using cameras and smartphones, they’re going undercover to explore and expose these practices. My name is Megan, and I’m a wildlife photographer and zoology student, and […]

Racing Through The Forest – Full Movie

– [Announcer] Carroll Shelby now in the lead, car number 98. The Premier Maserati burning up the course Johnny von Neumann in second place and Richie gets a turn over 190. The 3.5 Ferrari in third. – [Man] Old times, watch 56 for obstruction. Watch 56. – [Woman] It’s 1190, spun out right behind the […]

Illegal Marijuana Farms Endanger Wildlife on California’s Public Lands | National Geographic

So two teams coming off separate points on the ridge, press out with it Okay, right where we’re at right now is what would be considered the lion’s den of marijuana cultivation in California or North America? This is also a prime area for a lot of threatened endangered species There’s a marijuana garden about […]

NEW ACTION MOVIES 2016 FULL MOVIE Magical Forest and Animals -Tropics in europe (Special #4)

“Plants and animals of Europe” is intended for all nature lovers. wild growing species of animal plants, occurring in Europe up to the Urals, inclusive. Currently, there are about 10,000 species of ferns in the world, which is a small number compared to their prehistoric diversity (it is believed that there were about one million […]

Keepers of the Forest: A Tribe of the Amazon in the Modern World (History & Culture of the Kaingang)

the kaingang are a Native American people who have lived in the forests of southern Brazil for thousands of years from the middle of the nineteenth century however, European colonizers remade that world in their own image but despite the violence which was inflicted upon them, the history of the Kaingang is not defined by […]

Leshy: The Slavic Lord of the Forest

Forests tend to be naturally spooky places. They are dense with trees letting in little light, and offering plenty of spots for predatory animals to hide while stalking their prey—prey that sometimes include humans. But life also thrives there. For the Slavic people, there’s one spirit that rules it all, a lord of the woods—the […]

China’s Obsession with Mink Coats

Lebanon’s Hash Farms

Farming Under the Sea for Japan’s Rare Delicacy

(soft music) – [Narrator] Seaweed is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But, there’s unique type growing in the Pacific Ocean. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa. Home to one of the most unusual farming methods in the world. – [Narrator] Mr. Oshiro […]