Farming Under the Sea for Japan’s Rare Delicacy

(soft music) – [Narrator] Seaweed is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But, there’s unique type growing in the Pacific Ocean. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa. Home to one of the most unusual farming methods in the world. – [Narrator] Mr. Oshiro […]

Fighting to Keep Mexico’s Floating Farms Alive

– [Narrator] South of Mexico City is Xochimilco, known for its famous floating farms, or as the locals call them, – [Farmer] Chinampas. – [Narrator] Thanks, Lucio! – [Farmer] You got it. – [Narrator] With the help of this farmer, and this chef, this man is fighting to keep some of Mexico’s oldest farms alive. […]

Nowt but a fleeting thing: a young farmer’s fight for survival

We’ll get a crack on and get them tied up and then we’ll get a cup of tea, yeah? Yeah. I’m nowhere near as hard a man as Dad is. I’ve got nowhere near his work ethic. When it’s as intense as running a dairy, an old-fashioned dairy, it’s too much, it’s too much for […]

White farm murders in South Africa – Race hate, politics or greed? | Foreign Correspondent

(REPORTER) Apartheid tore South Africa apart. Some say the white oppressors are now the persecuted. White farms are being robbed and farmers murdered. – Not only do they kill but the way they kill. They torture you. – The government says they’re crimes like any other, in a society where poverty breeds violence. – There […]

The Farming of Bluefin Tuna | Foodbeast Doc

Bluefin tuna is one of the most coveted fish among sushi lovers. Because of the popularity of trendy foods – like poke, spicy tuna rolls, and sushi donuts – fish purveyors have had to look for alternatives to wild-caught fish just to meet this crazy demand. We are here in Japan where an organization called […]

Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)

This is me in China in 1996, on a trip to see where my family came from.That trip was the first time that I rode in an airplane,and the first time that I got stuck in an airport.We’ve been waiting here for 9 hours now! Air travel is one of the great privileges of living […]

The Farm of Rotting Corpses in Tennessee

[MUSIC] BILL BASS: You get a good, cold day like this, you don’t– the decay rate is not very rapid. It’s slow. So it’s slowed down on a day like this. If you were here in the summer, it would be going gray guts. I’m the person that founded what’s called the Body Farm, which […]

Dry Land Farming

World population is growing exponentially. Demand for food is increasing every day. Rainfall has become uncertain and ill distributed may be due to climate change and global warming. Uneven and untimely rain has disturbed the rain fed farming a lot. Drought is a common natural phenomenon since the ages. But the effect of drought is […]

The Futuristic Farms That Will Feed the World | Freethink | Future of Food

And that gives a little bit of an indication of the pressure on the food system. We just face a huge challenge. With the growth in population, with the change in consumption behavior. With the climate crisis, how do you secure your food production? The real secret is the sustainable production. It should be with […]