DIY Antique Farmhouse Chalkboard Chicken Pig Cow Stencil

Start by using Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil Give the spray 30-60 seconds to get tacky before pressing to the center of your project Use a ruler to measure the sides of your stencil from the sides of the mat to makes sure it’s centered Press down your stencil and then […]

How To Mark Timber For A Perfect Join – DIY At Bunnings

A quick tip is when you’ve got some crucial cuts on both parts of your timber is to make a mark. I’ve got a letter A on here. The corresponding corner here has the A. So when I’m putting it in I’m putting the right cut into the right corner.


Hello, Good Friends. I painted our kitchen table before, but back then. how to make massive with sheer tumbling cream? it was a coloring I made to videotape. Get the espresso coffee colors, I don’t like rusty coffee much, the reason is .. Because they both have redness. Dark brown wax gives the color I […]

Family Builds Beautiful TINY HOUSE Homestead on Their Farm

This week’s video is brought to you by Humless solar power on the go. Hey guys, are you ready for another tiny house video tour? Well, today I’m going to show you the inside of the stunning tiny house, which is parked on a homestead run by a family with two young children. The inside […]

Meet the Maker – Max Bainbridge of Forest + Found

I run a studio practice with my partner Abigail it’s called Forest and Found we both have our individual practices but we tend to a lot of the time exhibit and curate our work together we’d love to do public installations and things where there’s a real engagement with a public audience I currently produce […]

GROW Mealworms for FOOD | DIY Mealworm Farm | BUGMAS 2018 – Day 1

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! Welcome back to another countdown to Christmas — it’s Bugmas 2018! If you’ve missed my two previous years of Bugmas, I shall direct you to the playlist. And it’s my little five-day countdown to Christmas and tasting different little bugs. Last year I actually skipped Bugmas and did Gutmas instead, where […]

Timber Basics – DIY At Bunnings

Hi I’m John and I’m here to give you a few tips on the different types of timber and what you can do with them. You’ve got your structural timber, dressed timber, mouldings, decking, fencing and sleepers. There are a few kinds of structural timbers; soft wood, hard wood and engineered timber such as laminated […]

How to Build an ANT FARM AT HOME

Hi guys! Look what we have here! We’ve decided to get ourselves new pets! Little ants this time! Ants are incredible creatures! It’s so interesting to watch them! We’ve purchased a whole house for them. An ant farm. But we need to assemble it first! Are we going to be antsologists? No, Sam. Ants are […]

Deck Joists & Span Tables Using Hyne Timber Design 7.5

So I’m gonna build a deck off the side of this house, it’s gonna be Five metres wide and six metres long and it going to be s pretty simple design. It’s just going to be a row of Piers or two rows of piers went near the house one at the end of the […]

Standard Timber Lengths

G’day welcome back to Buildsum and in this video I want to talk about timber lengths that are available from your local timber supplier so timber comes in increments of 0.3 or 300 millimetres So that dates back to the old fleet in inches measurement system where a foot is approximately 300mm So if you […]