Clamp any angle with this jig | How to

today we’re going to share with you guys a quick tip on how to join two pieces of wood together when they’re at a weird angle so we did some research found a couple different ways and we’re gonna combine the ideas and show you here so it’s hard to clamp things together when they’re […]

Easy DIY DECOR! OVERSIZED Farmhouse Christmas Signs!

Coming up on this episode of designed to the nines if you want to see how I put together this oversized DIY farmhouse Christmas art say that five times fast then you’re gonna want to stay tuned welcome to designed to the nines I’m NataLee Callahan and I have a really fun episode planned for […]

Wow! DIY Lamp Post: Farmhouse Christmas Decor On a Budget!

For most of my adult life I have desperately wanted a fireplace with a mantel that I could decorate and make beautiful and of course hang my Christmas stockings from… and I’m not gonna tell you how old I am and how long I’ve been waiting but it’s been a while and while I do […]

HOW TO FIND YOUR HOME DECOR STYLE 🏑 (step-by-step + mini interior decor tour)

The way we decorate our homes can say a lot about our personalities, it’s somewhat like a creative expression of who we are. In this video I’m going to show you how you can figure out your personal home decor style, something that’s unique and personal to you, and I’m going to walk you through […]

Farmhouse Command Center | Darby Smart | Michaels

Make the Trend Michaels + Darby Smart Brush on chalkboard paint Paint mini crate & spools Glue chalkboard in place Let dry Wood pallet plaque, Basswood plaque, wood spools, mini crate, home sign, wood glue, chalkboard paint, acrylic paint, foam brushes, chalk marker Michaels Make Creativity Happen in partnership with Darby Smart Subscribe to our […]

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Home Decor Plant Stand / Table

what’s up glue dots it’s me Elaine the midnight crafter and I am so excited I have so many great ideas floating around in my head I feel like I’m gonna explode I don’t even know which one to show you guys I want to record them all today but anyway obviously can’t do that […]

Farmhouse / Shabby Chic and Totally Dazzled Memo Board Dollar Tree DIY

though Christmas is over you still might need again for Valentine’s Day a birthday a hostess gift and in this video I’m going to show you how to make this really really nice metal folder it’s elegant and shabby chic and perfect gift if you want to learn how to make it follow me what’s […]


today I’m going to share with you easy fall decor ideas that won’t break the bank one and are rustic and of the farmhouse decor style. The first ideas I have for you is super easy it’s just collecting an assortment of different pumpkins and colors and styles and sizes and arranging them together it […]

Mini Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Milk Bottle Crate

hey wanna learn how to make this really cute little farmhouse decor? come on over cuz that’s what I’ll be showing you in this video so your first step is going to be to take apart all of the frames and remove all the inner stuff which is this and the way it comes inside […]