How To Make A Timber Christmas Tree

I’m Erin, and I’ll be showing you how to make a modern timber Christmas tree. I’ll show you how to make a stylish timber Christmas tree that will impress anyone over this festive season. ♪ [music] ♪ To build a timber Christmas tree, you will need lengths of timber for the tree, a length of […]

DIY Paint Stick Christmas Tree Decor // Part 2

hi everybody its Christina from pretty distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be sneaking in one more Christmas project I’m gonna be showing you how these Christmas trees got built and then I’m gonna finish them off with a little bit of stain and wax so if you want […]

Christmas Stocking Hanger | DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Recycled

Hi everyone, I’m Alex and it’s Christmas! Hi everyone I’m Alex and on today’s episode I’ll be teaching you how I made these stocking hangers to hang your stockings without damaging you mantel I got this idea from Rebecca Robeson’s channel, and I knew I could find a way to DIY it DIY it cheap […]

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas/Blush Christmas Tree

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to decorate a blush-colored Christmas tree. So, for first layer we’re gonna add Garland. And I thought pearl garland is absolutely the perfect touch. So give me a second I’m gonna add this to the tree. So the next layer, […]

Decorating a Christmas Tree Part 3|Christmas 2018

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and today’s video is part three of decorating a Christmas tree so stay tuned! So all that left to do to finish my tree is to make a topper and I’m gonna do a bow topper. Now, I do have a video on how I do a bow topper […]

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas|Coastal Tree

All right, before we get started decorating this elegant coastal tree I want – I know sometimes you look at a tree and it’s like it’s gorgeous I love it, but what in the world did they start adding first? So that’s what I want to show you is the layers of how to decorate […]

our FAMiLY CHRISTMAS TREE!! Niko Learns to decorate ornaments and Adley makes magic holiday potion!

Quick and Easy Origami Christmas Tree 🎄 DIY Tutorial

Hello Everyone ! Today I’m going to show you how to fold my new model, A quick and easy origami Christmas tree that can take as little as 5 minutes to make. To fold this Christmas tree, you will need at least 3 squares of paper. You can use the same color or different colors. […]

Christmas Tree Decorating – ADDING RIBBON | Christmas 2018

Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to attach ribbon to your Christmas tree so stay tuned. So in another one of my videos on how to decorate a tree with ribbon, I demonstrated how you can make separate loops and attach them to the tree […]

DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

hey everybody, welcome to my channel. I’m Miaira Jennings and in this DIY video I’m going to show you how I made this space-saving Christmas tree out of PVC pipes. stay tuned. alright guys you already know I love a good PVC pipe project so I headed on over to my local Home Depot to […]