Official trailer: FAR FROM THE TREE by Andrew Solomon

When I was born deaf, my mother cried. She really did not see a future. The doctor said he would never amount to anything, his mental capacity would be little to none, and you should probably give him up and think about adoption. I really didn’t even know that something was going on, that there […]

The Next Mission: Breaking Down Barriers for Veterans in Agriculture

Music Anyone who’s been involved with the military knows that the successful mission doesn’t just happen. It requires leadership, thoughtful planning, adequate resources, and accurate intelligence. There must also be a unified commitment to the mission. For those who have served in the military, the planning and operational process is driven by a mission order, […]

FEMA Accessible: Shelter in Place During a Disaster

If local officials give the order to shelter in place, take action to do so immediately. The risk of rapid, severe flooding and flying debris is extremely high. If you are in a high rise building and need to shelter in place, go to the first or second floor hallways or interior rooms. You want […]