UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2019

UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2018

Agriculture is no longer a county, state or national industry. It’s a worldwide industry in need of qualified technicians. Technicians like those trained at the University of Northwestern Ohio The job responsibilities of agricultural equipment service technicians are more complex because electronic components control the operations of tractors and combines. Today’s Agricultural technician is required […]

This Canadian Train Brings in a Record Number of Tourists

[UPBEAT MUSIC] HOST: Canada’s Rockies, an adventure hot spot for more than 9 million tourists every year. Today I’m joining more than 500 of them. Only we’re not braving the wilds in hiking boots, we’re gliding into the mountains aboard the Rolls-Royce of trains. The Rocky Mountaineer Company has run rail tours through Western Canada […]

Kemiri Sunan Plantation in Flores

PT Bumi Agrindo Sejahtera presents Kemiri Sunan: Plant for Biodiesel Fuel The world population has reached almost 7.4 billion people in 2015 and is expected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. This growth in population is accompanied with status upgrade to middle class in emerging countries and this will boost the growth in global […]