Ivan Aguirretalks about how Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture changed his life

My name is Ivan Aguirre, I’m from Sonora, Mexico in the northwest part of the republic of Mexico. I was raised under an agrarian farming ranching family for many many generations. Ranchers, ,farmers, miners, freighters. I was educated up to 10th grade in Mexico, and then had the opportunity given by my parents to become […]

Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?

The world is facing some major problems food security, water security species loss climate change Vertical farms have been proposed as part of the solution to these global problems But is it just another overhyped technology, with great claims but lacking in practical application? this video and go to explore these global problems, in context […]

Time laps amazing the growth of a Ghaf tree in Dubai with Groasis Waterboxx®

The Ghaf tree is the National Tree of the United Arab Emirates The Groasis Waterboxx® is the only way to plant trees in deserts without the use of irrigation The Groasis Waterboxx® guarantees over 90% survival rate under extreme circumstances

Tree-Nation planter des arbres | Urban Street Forest

ici nous sommes à la pépinière de la plantation d’être une échelle à 12 km2 douce au niger traîné chaussettes une organisation qui s’occupe des plantes et des arbres ici pour lutter contre la désertification et aider les populations et c’est possible de soutenir ce projet en achetant un arbre sur internet je l’espère ce […]

Greening the Desert: Tree Tour

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. I’m going to give you a casual tour of the Greening the Desert site, September 2018. Okay, I’m going to take you for a little bit of a walk around the project. Here’s our vegetable garden, which has just been planted at the end of winter, start of summer. We’ve actually […]

Desert Food Forest Chop-and-Drop

[Narrator] We need to have a good look at this canopy, because it’s going to change. What we’re going to do with the cooler weather, and a tiny bit of rain last night, we’ve had some good rain already. We’re going to start cutting these trees here. This is Leucaena, there’s a bee actually, feeding […]

Growbox® plant cocoon anti desertification plantation in Baja California Mexico

We’re here in Baja California, Mexico, where we planted in January 2016 10 Growboxx® plant cocoons with 5 Mezquites and 5 Cypress (Mezquites are var. Prospopis). We only gave water while we were planting, for the rest they never got any maintenance. Look how extremely hot it was here, this year. It’s now September 2017, […]

Tree Update Episode 17

Dear Ecosians, welcome to this tree update number 17 to you from Borneo, Indonesia. Two years ago, we started to plant trees here. Valuable trees, like rubber but also jengkol, durian, sugar palm, all these trees that, once they’re growing, will actually create value for the farmers because they can sell the products on the […]