ScienceCasts: Desert Dust Feeds Amazon Forests

[ music ] Desert Dust Feeds Amazon Forests – presented by [email protected] The Sahara Desert is one of the least hospitable climates on Earth. Its barren plateaus, rocky peaks, and shifting sands envelop the northern third of Africa, which sees very little rain, vegetation, and life. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean thrives the world’s largest […]

Urban Homestead Grows 150 Fruit Trees in the Desert on 1/3 Acre

Alright! This is John Kohler, from ! Today I have another exciting episode for you! And here we’re standing in suburbia, and this is a very unlikely place to see a whole edible food forest garden with over a hundred fifty (150) fruit trees on about a little over a third of an acre. […]

Joshua Tree – Road to Hollygrove

(shutter snaps) – Oh my God, yas. Oh, yes, perfect. Okay, now look straight into the sun. – What? No, dude, I’m not gonna blind myself to get a good Instagram pic. – Yes, you are, Cam. Okay, this trip isn’t just about going to a Weezy concert. Okay, this is about loving yourself. You […]

12 Fruit Trees that Thrive in the Desert with Little Care

Alright! This is John Kohler with! Today we have another exciting episode for you. And I’m here in the desert. One of the hardest places to grow, it gets over a hundred degrees pretty much every day in the summer time. Today in the shade it is a 100 and even out of the […]

Greening Deserts Sustainable Greenhouse Farming and Forestation

Greening Deserts is a cultural, educational, economic, scientific, social and sustainable project for greening, irrigation and forestation of dry areas or regions. Benefits of clean technologies like irrigation with natural water sources like seas and oceans and renewable energy supply with solar and water energy. The water will be pumped into over- and underground reservoirs […]

What you need to know about GIANT ANCIENT TREE STUMPS…you won’t believe it!

ladies and gentlemen no matter how strange things get here they just gets stranger there’s a National Monument in Wyoming known as Devils Tower now this is a rock a very old rock and it is the only one of its massive size in the area surrounded by trees at first glance this looks like […]

Tree Update Episode 20

Dear Ecosians, welcome to this tree update and it’s a very special tree update because it’s the 20th time I’m talking to you about our projects. The first project I want to talk about is the project we do with Fundación DIA in Nicaragua. Two years ago, we worked for the first time to restore […]

Top 7 Crops that Thrive in the Hot Summer Desert Vegetable Garden

Alright! This is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you. You know, I’m here in my limited mobility here in my sling and my other arm is probably like still 60% usable, 40% nonusable. I can’t like stretch my arm out straight and all this kind of stuff and I […]

Tik Tik TV | Wonderful desert farmhouse and unexpected harvest of the greg family # 1 | TTV

Let’s sow seeds together and water the seeds We can harvest it We also sow seeds I grow carrots I grow carrots Now water the sapling oh the bunch of grapes too It’s time to pick the grapes I will bring fruit to show with her. Pick up carrots Let’s try to grow an ice […]

Desert Plantation – Affordable Louisiana Wedding Packages by Desert Plantation

The most special day of your lives deserves the perfect setting experience the charm, serenity, and magic of a grand louisiana plantation wedding that only desert plantations can give you. Set against lush and almost mystical scenery exchange your vows on our outdoor alter as your family, friends and guest look on. A historic plantation […]