UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2018

Agriculture is no longer a county, state or national industry. It’s a worldwide industry in need of qualified technicians. Technicians like those trained at the University of Northwestern Ohio The job responsibilities of agricultural equipment service technicians are more complex because electronic components control the operations of tractors and combines. Today’s Agricultural technician is required […]

Data structures: Introduction to Trees

Hello everyone ! In this lesson, we will introduce you to an interesting data structure that has got its application in a wide number of scenarios in computer science and this data structure is tree. So, far in this series, we have talked about what we can call linear data structures. Array, Linked List, stack […]

Binary search tree – Implementation in C/C++

In our previous lesson, we saw what binary search trees are, now in this lesson we are going to implement binary search tree. We will be writing some code for binary search tree. prerequisite for this lesson is that you must understand the concepts of pointers and dynamic memory allocation in C/C++. If you have […]

Cousins Explained

What is a cousin? Well, Cussin’ is when you say bad words that will cause gosh to send you down to heck. But there won’t be any of that in this episode, no no no. We’re talking about cousins, so don’t worry, Mom. Now, my mom is not my cousin, but she does have cousins. […]

Forest and Natural Resource Management at the University of Minnesota

[music playing] The Forest and Natural Resource Management major is really designed to train students who are interested in working in forested ecosystems, whether they’re managed for timber production, whether they’re managed for the ecosystem services like watershed protection, whether they’re protected and used for recreational resources or whether they occur in our urban systems. […]

Simon Orchard | Elite Athlete and Student

>>SIMON: It feels great to be part of a team. The connection is so strong that not only do we know what one another are going to do, we carry it out. I go home and a lot of my friends and the family say “gee you’re doing such wonderful stuff, you’re traveling the world, […]