Does Data Provide the Solution to Future Agriculture?

The world’s population is growing and in order to keep up with demand, the agricultural industry needs to increase its production levels by 70% over the next 30 years. In addition, our current ecological footprint is twice the level is should be, leaving the agricultural sector with the colossal challenge of producing more food, while […]

Decisive Farming helps farms simplify decisions

Feeding the world is a big job. The goal is to grow 70 percent more food by 2050. Farming is getting tougher with high input costs, environmental pressures, and increasingly volatile weather but there have been advancements to help the world farm smarter and produce more food. With the agricultural technologies available today farmers have […]

Domo Customer Reviews: Timbers Resorts

[MUSIC PLAYING] Timbers is a luxury developer. We have 16 resorts around the world. We’re in Aspen, Hawaii, Tuscany, all the great places where people would want to vacation. We sell experiences, people want to go ski in a couple of feet of powder or go surf for the first time with their grandkids. Before […]

Top 20 Countries With The Most Greenhouse Gas Emission【1960-2014】⚡️Data Visualization⚡️

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Forest Resource Analysis System Software: Welcome to the New Analysis

[Music] Financial analysis becomes a critical factor when prioritizing forestland management activities. In their practices, forestland owners – big and small – are bound to balance the economics of profits and sustainability. The Forest Resource Analysis System Software is designed to simplify the profile of your everyday resource management goals, viewing it through a long-term […]

Women need access to open data with potential application for agriculture

So, the GODAN Action project is a 3.5-year project that’s funded by DFID and the work we are undertaking is really to build the capacity of a diverse range of stakeholders in open data. So basically what I’m saying is we want to build people’s capacity to understand what open data is and what potential […]

Growing agriculture with big data: Philip Evans, Boston Consulting Group

Growing agriculture with big data: Mick Keogh, Australian Farm Institute

The Trending Tree – A Google Trends powered Christmas tree

Hi there! The holiday season is in full swing and we got tempted and we bought ourselves a tiny tree, cue montage of cute little moments. Who’s a good tree? Who’s the good tree? You’re a good tree, yes you are, you’re the best tree, you are the best tree… Alright little tree, bedtime! Come […]

Making a Neighbor-Joining Tree with MEGA5 (Part 1)

Making a neighbor joining tree with the program MEGA5. The molecular biology sequence analysis package, MEGA5 uses a unique sequence data file format. For this reason you must convert your data file into MEGA format so that you can perform an analysis. The final conversion part of MEGA does recognize several common sequence data file […]