North Dakota & Georgia Agriculture & Food Security – NASA DEVELOP Summer 2018 @ LaRC

[Music]>>Connor: By 2058, the U.S. population will exceed 400 million people. As demands for food increase, an understanding of agricultural production is necessary to feed the growing population.>>Dr. Coffin: Agriculture is one of the most important things that human beings do to alter the surface of the Earth, for cropping and raising livestock. Satellites are […]

Laura Dorman MyCrop Wheat App | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

My Crop is an interactive tool developed with support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA to bring crop diagnostics to the paddock. With disease, pest and nutrition issues accounting for a major proportion of production costs, using the range of My Crop online tools and smart […]

Ratoon rice crop harvest nearly complete

Rice farmers in Louisiana are having a difficult year, especially in the southern part of the state. Farmers there are wrapping up their ratoon, or second crop, harvest. This second crop provides an additional revenue stream for farmers, but like the first crop, yields have been disappointing. We expected the second crop yields to be […]

Gene Editing: A Potential Game Changer for Crop Agriculture | CoBank Knowledge Exchange Brief

Interest, innovation and investment in CRISPR and gene editing technologies continues to heat up, with many describing it as “Game Changing” and “Revolutionary”. But what is all the buzz about and what does it mean for crop agriculture and specialty crops in particular? Regulatory, technology, and IP barriers are relatively low and the benefits are […]

Career Options at the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology

(rock music) – We see students coming out into a job market that is rich with opportunities. – It really depends on what their interests are. – You could be a crop advisor, agronomy sales and management. – Working on a farm or selling the products. There’s a huge field with animals. – Work at […]

Crop Insurance 2019 | What Does Agriculture Insurance Cover?

Crop insurance 2019 : Keep America growing Hey it’s Keagan with where we take the sting out of insurance searching If you like the sound of that, go ahead and give us a thumbs up right below. You’ve been searching for crop insurance 2019 and the search results are in: Did you know that […]

Verticillium Wilt on Trees

Welcome to the University of Illinois plant clinic. Today we’re going to talking about really a pretty serious disease in the family of wilt diseases. This is a sample from a maple tree. We see that there’s all these short indications of branch extension and that suggests to us that this tree has been under […]

Agriculture in China | DuPont Chapter 1 – Food is Heaven

00:00:14:00, 00:00:16:12 >>WANG DELIN: My home is in Qinggang. Mingzheng town, Boan Village. 00:00:20:02, 00:00:21:16 >>WANG DELIN: I grew up on a farm. 00:00:23:10, 00:00:25:02 >>WANG DELIN: I have been living here for 61 years. 02:01:15,02:03:12 >>WANG DELIN: I have been living here for 61 years. 00:00:35:17, 00:00:38:07 >>WANG DELIN: How is your work in […]