BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

hey guys good morning welcome to the construction site today it’s Friday the guys are putting up forms for the foundation wall we’re almost finished a bathtub like premade forms for both we’re going to use these as passwords for the wall for the sanitary installation and different title has to pass through the concrete […]

How to Install ODL Add-On Blinds for Raised Framed Doors

How to Install ODL Add-On Blinds for Flush Framed Doors

welcome to another’s Abbot at product installation tutorial today we’re going to be installing add-on blinds for flush frame doors here’s what you’re going to need to get started you’re going to need a tape measure something to mark holes with a level a drill a Philips screwdriver the supplied hardware kit and of course […]

ENVIROBLIND | Residential Rolling Security Shutters (

Residential Security Shutters from Enviroblind “Crime in progress – police radio” “Storm coming – weather radio” Whether it’s from the unfortunate realities of today’s world, or the powerful forces of nature, when it comes to protecting your home and family you can rely of the strength and security of security shutters from Enviroblind. In today’s […]

How to install a window AC unit

I looked all over the Internet both YouTube and Google Images and I couldn’t find anything on installing a window AC the way I’m going to do it last year I just set that AC in the window and extended the little plastic sides and you know that works but it’s a real easy way […]

Property Investment Series – Project Plantation Pt. 3

Property Surfing at–where are we– Plantation Rise Drive today. A different view here. Coming at the back of the property. So the footpath with runs along the back. That’s the Woombye State School up at the top of that little second rise there. And then around the other way is a footpath that runs down […]

Concrete Post Kit for Orchards | Product Focus

Product Focus – Concrete Post Kit for Orchards Squeeze the Collar to thread the wire Position the Collar tight to concrete post

Property Investment Series – Project Plantation Pt.4

Hi Keith Grisman doing some property surfing today at plantation rise drive you can see behind me we have scaffold and behind scaffold we have frames a roof we’re almost ready to roof sheet so let’s go and have a look on site and see what we can find today as you can see our […]

Property Investment Series – Project Plantation Pt. 2

Hi, Keith Grisman for the Property Surfer Channel. Plantation Rise Drive. On-site at split-level homes as we’ve discussed in videos before what we thought we do is give you a bit of an understanding of what goes on in the construction of…of your typical house. So split-level design it’s a bit different. Largely, it’s done […]