How to straighten a Timber Wall

As you can see we’re out on site and inside the house today and what I want to show you in this video is The procedure for doing what I call a Pre Sheet This happens just before you’re about to sheet your internal walls and all it is is going around and checking that […]

Bridge Construction // wonderful wooden bridge (model) // Part 2

What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)? | The B1M

Cross laminated timber, or CLT, is an engineered timber product that is threatening to upset the dominance of the big two structural materials: concrete and steel. Initially driven by the material’s sustainable credentials, cross laminated timber buildings are gaining traction, as they can be quicker, cheaper, cleaner and quieter to build than traditional structures. Over […]

John – Timber Sales Manager

>>INTERVIEWER: Hi John, thanks for doing the interview today. Uh, can you explain what qualification you did as part of your traineeship?>>JOHN: So, in the early days, Tabma, I did a Certificate 3 in timber merchandising. Um, once I completed that, I then moved on to a Certificate 4 in frontline management.>>INTERVIEWER: Wow, yep.>>JOHN: Which […]

Deck Joists & Span Tables Using Hyne Timber Design 7.5

So I’m gonna build a deck off the side of this house, it’s gonna be Five metres wide and six metres long and it going to be s pretty simple design. It’s just going to be a row of Piers or two rows of piers went near the house one at the end of the […]

Standard Timber Lengths

G’day welcome back to Buildsum and in this video I want to talk about timber lengths that are available from your local timber supplier so timber comes in increments of 0.3 or 300 millimetres So that dates back to the old fleet in inches measurement system where a foot is approximately 300mm So if you […]

Assembling the Bow Timbers! (TALLY HO 51)

Hi, my name is Leo and I’m a boat builder and a sailor and I’m on a mission to rebuild and restore this 109 year-old classic sailing yacht Tally Ho. The bow of the boat is wide open at the moment because we took the old bow assembly out recently We’re replacing that with the […]

Timber Frame on a Construction Site – BSG Byte (2019)

Fire is a hazard on construction sites in general but on timber-frame sites the buildings are more vulnerable to fire because the precautions for the finished building are not yet in place. As timber is a combustible product, the fire risks on site are increased and these risks need to be managed and controlled very […]

Section through a Cut in Floor, Timber framed Building Part 1

So G’day and welcome back to Buildsum and as you can see I might set up to do another section through video and this time It’s going to be a section through a cut in or timber-frame building with the cut in floor So it’s a little bit similar to our Brick veneer building with […]

Section through a Cut in Floor, Timber framed Building Part 2

G’day welcome back to Buildsum and this is the second video on a timber frame and Cut in floor as you can see we’ve already got our strip footing in We’ve done our Bob footing our isolated pier our dwarf wall and engaged pier our damp proof course and our ant cappping our bearer are […]