How to build a shed pt 4 – timber construction

you hi everyone welcome back to the channel and to episode 4 the shed build if it’s your first time welcome and one or consider subscribing so this is my old shed and this is where I’m up to building the new one now I had to make a choice of either filming everything and […]

DELTABEAM® with timber structures – legero united campus

In timber construction, this is the most exciting phase: When you see how quickly, cleanly and accurately the work can be done and how the material demonstrates its advantages. Prefabricated parts that are manufactured in a controlled environment can be installed even under unfavorable conditions – as you can see it was rather cold at […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Part 11 – Foam, Doors & Floors

We’re nearing the end of the project! There will be one more video after this with some of the finishing touches and then I’ll go on to some other videos about the aquaponic setup. You may also notice that some of these segments may look out of order. I was working on everything at the […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Part 6 – Concrete Block Walls

Hello Everyone! In this video, I will show the details about building the foundation frost wall. There were over 500 concrete blocks, 1200 bricks, and one and a half tons of ready-mix mortar delivered. Luckily, it was brought in on a truck with a boom so they were able to place everything within the foundation […]


– All right, now you can see we’re inside. The garage door is now closed. (peaceful music) (scraping) Here’s the problem. This is seven feet. We didn’t cut it. We didn’t break anything. Now we gotta regroup. Figure out. Hopefully I don’t fall with this camera, here. (electronic music) What’s up fishtank people? Dustin’s Fish […]

Greenhouse Saga Sunday: THE FIRST REVEAL

– Remember the video when I cried, when I didn’t get a Greenhouse one point-o? Here’s two point-o, with concrete in it! Yup real, its awesome, its absolutely amazing in here right now. I came out here freaking out, cause of the drains. And I walked into this beautiful thing! (moaning) I’m sorry its a […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Part 5 – Footings and drain

Hello Everyone This video is about setting up the footings for the dome. Footings and a frost wall are required here for a structure this size. Each bend along the foundation is a calculated measurement along three known points and triangulated out to each bend. The length of each board for the forms is also […]

GREENHOUSE SAGA & SPECIES SUNDAY: Foundation/Substrate of Your Aquarium

– I wanna frolic barefoot. (electronic music) – Dude, I about pissed myself when I saw your text. (laughs) Good morning, dude! We missed the whole thing, dude! I’m ready to call– – I caught, like, the end driveway. – Did you? Oh, dude. Oh, man. You were out here at eight, right? – Yeah. […]

BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

hey guys good morning welcome to the construction site today it’s Friday the guys are putting up forms for the foundation wall we’re almost finished a bathtub like premade forms for both we’re going to use these as passwords for the wall for the sanitary installation and different title has to pass through the concrete […]

BoH 32 – The Pump Was Too Short – House Foundation Walls Concrete Pour