A Heart of Timber

(garage door opening) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Alex Jangard, I’m the owner of Heart of Timber Woodworking, and I went to Boise State in 2011-2015, and I went into school originally thinking I was a mechanical engineering degree, and I ended up with a marketing degree. Being a part of the Venture College, it […]

National Star College – Development Progress – Timber Framing – 27th July 2010

[Lucy Poulton] Hi I’m Lucy Poulton, it’s the 27th July and I’m here on the National Star College’s Star Appeal development site As you can see behind me, the buildings are really starting to take shape now. And Dan from ISG Pearce is going to give us a quick update on what’s happened since our […]

World’s Largest Wind Farm | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 6

By now you’re seeing the trend here: the world’s biggest city, the world’s longest canal, biggest airport, longest high speed rail network and underwater tunnel. So the fact that China is building the world’s largest Wind Power Farm too shouldn’t surprise you. The Gansu Wind Farm Project will produce 20 Gigawatts of power by 2020, […]

The Bard College Farm

♪ ♪ ♪ [Carter Vanderbilt:] Without student interest the farm never would have happened. A number of students got together and basically tabled for three weeks to get not just the money for the project but also to demonstrate that this was a thing that students really were backing and really wanted to happen at […]

OSU CASNR | Agricultural Communications Degree Program

(upbeat guitar music) – Agricultural Communications is all about how we, as agriculturists, communicate with the public, and I know that’s definitely what it sounds like in the title, but it really encompasses all facets of communication, from journalism to infographics to photography, agricultural communications is all about everything that the public needs to get […]

Agricultural Operations at Kellogg Community College

At Kellogg Community College, we have the Agricultural Operations major. This dual program is designed for students to be a student at Kellogg Community College and Michigan State University. They take these classes together in order to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies from Kellogg Community College and the Ag Operations Certificate from Michigan […]

Agricultural Science at Oregon State University

Oregon No other place matches the density of its diverse agricultural, environmental and social landscape. As the founding College of Oregon State University, for more than 150 years we have lived out our land grant mission to serve this state and its people through our research, our teaching and our outreach. We are scientists. Our […]

Engineering Alum Restores Greenhouse at Urban Farm in North Philadelphia

When I was studying mechanical engineering in college, I was really focused on renewable energy and anything we can do to combat climate change. Back in 2017, riding my bike back from Temple, saw that they needed some help. Their greenhouse was a little rundown. And we were about to start our senior design project […]