Agricultural Operations at Kellogg Community College

At Kellogg Community College, we have the Agricultural Operations major. This dual program is designed for students to be a student at Kellogg Community College and Michigan State University. They take these classes together in order to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies from Kellogg Community College and the Ag Operations Certificate from Michigan […]

Agricultural Science at Oregon State University

Oregon No other place matches the density of its diverse agricultural, environmental and social landscape. As the founding College of Oregon State University, for more than 150 years we have lived out our land grant mission to serve this state and its people through our research, our teaching and our outreach. We are scientists. Our […]

Engineering Alum Restores Greenhouse at Urban Farm in North Philadelphia

When I was studying mechanical engineering in college, I was really focused on renewable energy and anything we can do to combat climate change. Back in 2017, riding my bike back from Temple, saw that they needed some help. Their greenhouse was a little rundown. And we were about to start our senior design project […]

Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst celebrates 100 years

Stockbridge School of Agriculture Where knowledge is gained, lives are changed and careers established. Stockbridge graduates are the salt of the earth. Agriculture has always been at the heart of the university. Massachusetts Agricultural College was established as a land-grant college in 1863. Its goal was to promote the education of the farmer. In 1918 […]

Summer Apple Tree Pruning

We’re at the Tollgate Education Center, part of Michigan State University facility in Novi, Michigan, and today we’re talking about summer pruning of apples. The traditional time to prune apples is usually in the wintertime, the months of February and March and even early April, when there’s no leaves on the trees it’s easy to […]

Agriculture at Hadlow College

So this course fitted in well to what I wanted to do as a career choice as an Agricultural Engineer. We get a good idea of what it would be like in the workplace, it covers all aspects of what you might face in a job. You have fun at the same time as learning, […]

University greenhouses power the flowers in Princeton’s gardens

DEVIN LIVI: The greenhouse actually started in 1935. It was located on main campus between Roberts Stadium and Faculty Road. So we’ve had a greenhouse for quite some time, and we’ve been utilizing it. We’ve expanded and grown. We have a number of houses where it started as one, but in 1935, the original one […]

DJ Spooky – The Heart of a Forest

Well, everything has a key. So this forest is in a key. If you close your eyes, you hear this sort of white noise. The river behind you is rushing over rocks. The drops of water are creating this kind of, like subtle sense of pelting. So how would you translate that into music? This […]

UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2019

UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2018

Agriculture is no longer a county, state or national industry. It’s a worldwide industry in need of qualified technicians. Technicians like those trained at the University of Northwestern Ohio The job responsibilities of agricultural equipment service technicians are more complex because electronic components control the operations of tractors and combines. Today’s Agricultural technician is required […]