Lichens: Corals of the Forest

[Narrator] Do you see them? Look closely. There’s at least 20 different species here! We’re talking lichens. Although we often glaze over lichens when talking about biodiversity, their presence, usefulness, and impact on the environment is vast. But not everyone passes them by. Lichenology is for people who appreciate the little things in life. [Troy […]

Education as vehicle of change for regenerative agriculture

I think change is is something that keeps this sort of creative and alive and excited and I’m like a changed junkie. Give me something new and creative all the time and that’s how I feel about change. For humanity it’s the same as my feeling about change in that change is good for us […]

The value of eco systems in regenerative agriculture

We are now in the sixth greatest extinction event in the history of Earth this time caused by Humans. And I’m talking about runaway events in climate and biodiversity you know a million species at least now made extinct and without diversity you’re not going to have a stable functioning organism, Earth organism. So it’s […]

Importance of soil health in regenerative agriculture

Soil is the beginning of everything. Without a good soil we don’t grow very many plants at all and without the plants animals and ourselves we don’t exist. So it’s critical that all of our health and well-being pretty much comes out of the soil. As we’re killing soil and we’re artificially propping it up […]

Study Regenerative Agriculture – A new course for a changing world

At a time when the farming sector is suffering Southern Cross University is offering a fresh approach with the new course in Regenerative Agriculture the first of its kind in the world. The course develops a whole of landscape approach to achieve long term economic, social and environmental resilience for farming. Apply now for 2020

When Nature Strikes Back

Number 8 Global Warming and Hurricanes While the conversation on global warming has been somewhat polarizing, the vast majority of the global scientific community has reached a consensus regarding its impact. Human activity, namely greenhouse gas emission, is often cited as a major contributor to the global rise in temperature. One of the ways nature […]

Lorraine Gordon Introduces the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Collaboration is absolutely the key to the regenerative agricultural movement. These are very complex problems that we’re facing in Australia and globally in our landscapes in our communities everywhere. We are going to need the smartest minds sitting around the table to be able to solve these problems and help our farmers to become resilient. […]

Farming carbon credits

What’s great with agriculture is our land is abundant and is unlimited in terms of the potential for the soil if we look after it. Which is better not only for our planet but also for our children.

Maritime Forests

A maritime forest is a forest that is on the coast and is influenced by sea-spray. You start with vegetation like shrubbery that is a little salt-tolerant. As you get further from the ocean, you’ll start getting larger and larger trees that protect the trees behind them. These areas are not found very many places […]