UTS Science: Seagrass – Greenhouse gas fighter

Facilitator: Doctor Peter Macreadie, you’re with the School of Environment at UTS, and I understand you’re doing lots of interesting things. Firstly, tell me about your research with seagrass. Interviewee: Well, the seagrasses have been identified as one of the most powerful natural systems for removing greenhouse gases. So when we’re thinking about tackling climate […]

IKEA and Forestry

Becoming Forest Positive means ensuring the future of trees and the future of forest communities. At IKEA, we use wood in a large part of our home furnishing products. We love wood because it is durable, renewable, recyclable, and beautiful. When we design a piece of furniture we make more from less. Every piece of […]

Man Spends 30 Years Regenerating Farmland into Amazing Forest | Fools & Dreamers (Full Documentary)

(gentle piano music) – [Hugh] I think they basically thought we were naive greenies from the city. I’m sure they thought that we had come here with all these ideas and within a year or two we’d find it was all just too hard, and it wasn’t happening, and we’d go again. Here we are, […]

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future generations. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say Sorry. Sorry, we left you with our mess of a planet. Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do something Sorry, we listened to people who made excuses to do nothing I Hope you forgive […]

Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show. -Thank you so much. -And welcome to New York City. You came here on a zero-emissions boat, and part of me thinks that’s because you love the climate; the other part of me wonders if that’s just your Viking heritage. -(laughter) -Maybe it is. -It might be? -Yeah. Tell me […]

European Forests: Central to the World We Live in

EUROPEAN FORESTS: CENTRAL TO THE WORLD WE LIVE IN Forests are the most important and versatile ecological infrastructure in Europe. Today forests cover 35% of Europe’s landscape, but this hasn’t always been the case. In late medieval times there was hardly any forest due to overgrazing and overcutting for timber and firewood, and decimation during […]

The networked beauty of forests – Suzanne Simard

I was walking my mountain the other day, and I was feeling really at home with the forest. And I was so grateful to it for showing me that forests are built on relationships which form networks, like these beautiful river networks. And I thought, “Wow, forests are just like human families.” And I was […]

Texas Peach Orchards Suffer from Changing Climate

Thank you for calling Donald Eckhardt Orchards. Our peach season has come to an end early this season. We do not have fruit on our later varieties due to a warm winter. We look forward to seeing you with a nice peach crop next year. Thank you. I think we probably knew we might be […]

Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist

Summer 2019 More than 38,000 fires raged across the Amazon… …fires that were man-made Over the past 50 years… …almost 17% of the world’s largest rainforest has been cleared And globally deforestation has almost doubled in just five years Since the start of human civilisation… …it’s estimated that the number of trees around the world… […]