Finding Faith in the Forest: Stories Happen in Forests

I’m Karenna Gore here with Poppy Jones. And we’re with the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. We have come into the forest as a classroom. We’re in Van Cortlandt Park, which is in the Bronx, right here in New York City. (Poppy) For them to actually get out in nature, have ceremony […]

Dr Jaclyn Brown – Mathematician & Digital Agriculture Research

(soft piano music) – In some careers it’s very easy. You study medicine, you be a doctor. You study engineering, you can be an engineer. But if you study maths, what do you do? I’m Dr. Jaclyn Brown, I’m a senior research scientist at the CSIRO in agriculture and food. I’ve always loved maths. To […]

Scoping Out Agriculture

We’ve been visiting different schools and delivering microscopes to those schools as part of the Scoping out Ag in the Classroom grant program. We actually awarded 10 schools across the state a classroom set of digital microscopes. We are a very small school. We are one hallway, Pre-K to 12. So we’re always looking for […]

Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] [ Students quietly talking ] Good. Now we’re going to move to my next game, which is Trees and Squirrels. Now, what I’m going to do, I’m going to — my trees. How do we make a tree? Stand up, here, Jesus. If I put you guys as a partner, okay, you’re […]