The Story of The Eastern Plaguelands (Classic to Present) [Lore]

Hello everyone! A little while ago we covered the story of Scholomance and the Western Plagelands which of course had a lot of people wanting to see the follow up, the eastern plaguelands. Like its western counter part, the eastern plaguelands was once a beautiful land and part of the kingdom of lordaeron. Stratholme was […]

How to assemble the frame for a perfect vinyl shutter installation

In this video I’ll show you how to assemble a vinyl shutter and the tools required. I am using some wooden wedges, a plastic hammer, flat screw driver, a long screw driver bit, 10mm drill, 4mm drill some 60mm screws, white cover caps, hinge pins and frame corner connectors. The shutters are labelled with room […]

Arathi Highlands – Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA)

♫ Lordaeron Alliance 2C ♫ ♫ Lordaeron Alliance 3H ♫ ♫ Classic Battle C ♫ ♫ Classic Battle D ♫ ♫ Classic Battle A ♫ ♫ Classic Battle E ♫ ♫ Classic Battle F ♫ ♫ Classic Battle B ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle N ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle P ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle M ♫ […]