Farm Frolics (1941)

Farm Frolics ♪ Where the honeysuckle vine ♪ ♪ Twines itself around the door ♪ ♪ A sweetheart mine is waiting ♪ ♪ Patiently for me ♪ ♪ So please come back to… The typical American farm presents many interesting sights. This show horse is the pride of the farm and the winner of many […]

DIY Stenciled Wall Tutorial with Geometric Cornelius Stencil from Oak Lane Studio

Hi I’m Jennifer from Oak Lane Studio. Today I’ll show you how to stencil walls from ceiling to floor, even the tricky bits like the corners and edges I’ve used our Cornelius wall stencil with Navy latex paint, and you can create a different effect depending how many layers of paint you use You can […]


Alright, so we’re inside the 77 C10 here. And like I’ve mentioned in other videos, it is a 3 speed column shifted transmission. So I just wanted to make a video about how to shift one of these old transmissions. You don’t see these hardly at all anymore. So if you’ve ever wondered how it […]

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

夜活死人 這將有夏天的第一天,日程變化相吻合。 什麼? 它已經是晚上八點鐘,它仍然是日光! 一切你說沒有幫助我們很多。 我們仍然有三個小時的路程 午夜之前,我們不會在那裡。 如果打擾你這麼多,你就只來了! 難道你看不出它是這裡的一個星期天如何漂亮嗎? 我只看到兩個解決方案:要么我們來到這裡定居, 要不,我們打攜帶匹茲堡墳墓。 讓我們來看看……我們不能抬棺! 當然可以! 再說了,還有糖果? ”永恆的遺憾。“”當然! 我不記得他的臉! Johnny, ça prend 5 minutes. 5 minutes pour les déposer, et 6 heures pour les amener ! Maman veut garder le souvenir de ses morts, mais ce n’est pas elle qui fait le chemin. Maintenant on y est Johnny… […]

Fred MacMurray’s Enduring Farmhouse Retreat

(mellow guitar) – Healdsburg was a very, very quaint small town. And when I say small town, I mean literally the sort of small town that Norman Rockwell would write about, or paint. I was raised here. I was brought here as an infant, and I grew up here, and this home has been a […]

The Story of The Eastern Plaguelands (Classic to Present) [Lore]

Hello everyone! A little while ago we covered the story of Scholomance and the Western Plagelands which of course had a lot of people wanting to see the follow up, the eastern plaguelands. Like its western counter part, the eastern plaguelands was once a beautiful land and part of the kingdom of lordaeron. Stratholme was […]

How to assemble the frame for a perfect vinyl shutter installation

In this video I’ll show you how to assemble a vinyl shutter and the tools required. I am using some wooden wedges, a plastic hammer, flat screw driver, a long screw driver bit, 10mm drill, 4mm drill some 60mm screws, white cover caps, hinge pins and frame corner connectors. The shutters are labelled with room […]

Arathi Highlands – Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA)

♫ Lordaeron Alliance 2C ♫ ♫ Lordaeron Alliance 3H ♫ ♫ Classic Battle C ♫ ♫ Classic Battle D ♫ ♫ Classic Battle A ♫ ♫ Classic Battle E ♫ ♫ Classic Battle F ♫ ♫ Classic Battle B ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle N ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle P ♫ ♫ Warfronts Battle M ♫ […]