CHRISTMAS CRAFTS: How to make a Christmas tree garlands ☃ paper with own hands

How to make a Christmas tree garlands of paper with own hands We need a sheet of green paper Cut it in half. So we will make two blanks for garlands Making of sheet blanks “accordion” Drawing by pencil the Christmas tree Cut the Christmas tree garland Paper Christmas garland Christmas trees ready! You can […]

Christmas Trees: Real vs. Fake

Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree? Fake? Gross. Don’t you know that most fake trees are fabricated in China with a bunch of chemicals and that you probably hate Christmas. …I have a fake tree too. I don’t feel good about it. It’s just so convenient. Guys, lets talk about the wonderful […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Christmas Tree for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

He-he-hey. And the last bell goes… here. Oh-oh, perfect! Oh, hey! Hello boys and girls. Hello. Are you excited about Christmas? I am. And I’m decorating my Christmas tree with tinsel, bells and baubles. All of these are decorations. Hey, say it with me. What are they? They are decorations. They are decorations. They are […]

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas/Blush Christmas Tree

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to decorate a blush-colored Christmas tree. So, for first layer we’re gonna add Garland. And I thought pearl garland is absolutely the perfect touch. So give me a second I’m gonna add this to the tree. So the next layer, […]

How to make a candy cane reindeer

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. Here is a small simple do it yourself project that is always a success in December: it is a reindeer made with a candy cane. For this project, you will need a candy cane, one or more brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a red pompom and a glue gun. Take […]

Simple Christmas Candy Cane Cake – Fondant Cake for Beginners

Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and today I am making a very simple Christmas cake that looks like candy canes. Let’s get started. I’m using up some leftovers today. This is banana cake and Swiss meringue buttercream. Although, for a candy cane cake, I can recommend chocolate cake and peppermint buttercream. […]

Getting the Christmas Tree! // Vlogmas 2019 Day 8

(gentle instrumental music) (plastic crinkling) (toaster snapping) (festive rock music) (plates sliding) – We’re going somewhere very exciting. – We’re gonna go buy our tree. And apparently they have reindeer and pygmy goats. – Yeah! – I’m more excited about that to be fair. – And well of course, obviously it’s a farm so Claudia’s […]

How to draw CHRISTMAS TREE for kids

How to draw CHRISTMAS TREE for kids