Walking in a Snow Forest – Let It Snow | Winter 2020

music lofi walk along the forest relaxation video

How To Make A Timber Christmas Tree

I’m Erin, and I’ll be showing you how to make a modern timber Christmas tree. I’ll show you how to make a stylish timber Christmas tree that will impress anyone over this festive season. ♪ [music] ♪ To build a timber Christmas tree, you will need lengths of timber for the tree, a length of […]

Merry Christmas | How to Draw a Christmas Tree | Art for Kids MHT

Why You Should Recycle Your Christmas Tree | One Small Step | NowThis

Over 27 million real Christmas trees were bought in the US this year. And when the holidays are over we’ve got to do something with them. But trees, they’re big and they’re heavy. Imagine 27 million of these. Not only that, trees are biodegradable so they should be ending up in nature, not a landfill. […]

The Christmas Tree – Phelous

So, I’ve been hearing a bit about The Christmas Tree. Apparently, it’s bad, like that’s new, so I don’t know what the big deal is… (dramatic “bum-bum BUUUUUUM!” music) You have got to be shitting (in Old Man voice) MEEEEE!!!!–(cuts himself off) (music with low wind instruments that sound like farts) The Christmas Tree was […]

The Trending Tree – A Google Trends powered Christmas tree

Hi there! The holiday season is in full swing and we got tempted and we bought ourselves a tiny tree, cue montage of cute little moments. Who’s a good tree? Who’s the good tree? You’re a good tree, yes you are, you’re the best tree, you are the best tree… Alright little tree, bedtime! Come […]

DIY Paint Stick Christmas Tree Decor // Part 1

– Welcome to DIY for Homeowners by Mother Daughter Projects. I’m Steph. – I’m Vicki! – And today we’re gonna show you how we made these cute little trees with a very special material. – They’re paint sticks! We’re usin’ small ones, we’re usin’ the five gallon ones, and we’re using a wood dowel. – […]

SOAP CARVING with Hobby knife | Mini Christmas Tree Lamp | DIY | Quick and Easy | Soap Craft |

SOAP CARVING , Tree Lamp How to make a Mini Tree Lamp out of soap. It’s very quick and easy to make! What You Will Need: White Soap (130g bar) , Paring knife, Hobby Knife, Carving tool(small U-gouge) LED Tea light, (Optional) Sequins, Beads, Craft Glue, Toothpick, Carve the Tree White soap is recommended. Slice […]