DIY Paint Stick Christmas Tree Decor // Part 1

– Welcome to DIY for Homeowners by Mother Daughter Projects. I’m Steph. – I’m Vicki! – And today we’re gonna show you how we made these cute little trees with a very special material. – They’re paint sticks! We’re usin’ small ones, we’re usin’ the five gallon ones, and we’re using a wood dowel. – […]

How to Make a Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

How to Make a Toilet Roll tube Christmas Tree You will need: Toilet roll tubes (the more you have, the bigger the Tree), Green Color, Brush, Hot Glue, Tree decorations. Depending on the color you are using, you may need to mix it with water. Now color all your toilet paper rolls except for 2. […]

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS: How to make a Christmas tree garlands ☃ paper with own hands

How to make a Christmas tree garlands of paper with own hands We need a sheet of green paper Cut it in half. So we will make two blanks for garlands Making of sheet blanks “accordion” Drawing by pencil the Christmas tree Cut the Christmas tree garland Paper Christmas garland Christmas trees ready! You can […]

Book Fold Christmas Decor Tree and Angel Dollar Tree DIY – Christmas Decor 2019

in this video I’m going to show you how to make these adorable and nostalgic Christmas book folding crafts so if you want to learn how to do it well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the midnight crafter the crafts I have for you tonight was inspired by a craft that […]

Christmas Crafts for Children | Candy Cane Reindeer | Tea Time with Tayla

Hi Bananas! Welcome to my Tea Time Christmas Craft show This is our first Christmas craft Today we’re going to learn to make candy cane reindeer! These are great to give as gifts to your friends and hang them on the Christmas tree Or attach them to a present Let’s go through all of the […]

Christmas Crafts : How to Make a Candy Cane Reindeer

In this clip, I’m going to teach you how to make a candy cane reindeer. For this demonstration, you’re going to need some pipe cleaners, any color. Brown or gold would be a good idea. I haven’t had gold. Some little Pokey balls, candy cane, squiggly eyes, some scissors, and a hot glue gun. First, […]

Farmhouse Christmas Stamp Kit of the Month #1

hi thanks for joining me this is angie at chicnscratch and this is the project we’re making today and this is card one for my farmhouse christmas stamp kit of the month okay let me tell you the supplies we’ve got gray granite cardstock and that measures eight and a half by five and a […]

Christmas Crafts : How to Make Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornaments

In this clip, I’m going to teach you how to make a Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament. For this demonstration, we will need a few items. Some pipe cleaners, Christmas colors would be really good. Some wire, it’s not needed. I will explain a little bit later. Some Christmas bells, preferably smaller. You can get […]

Make a Very Easy Origami Christmas Tree 🎄 DIY Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I was very happy that so many of you liked my quick and easy Christmas origami tree model that you can fold in 5 minutes So I’m going to show you how to fold another Christmas tree that I designed. It’s almost the same tree except that this one is more angular, and […]

Decora conmigo la cocina estilo FARMHOUSE

Hi how are you? welcome, thanks for accompany me in this video and good you want to see how my kitchen deco year? well I invite you to stay for that you see it and I do not come alone, I come in collaboration with karlita alvarado del channel with the same name as here […]