Fruit Trees and High Tunnels with Alyce Lunde

I’m Alice Lundy. Uh we are located in Rowlett North Dakota, we’re just south of the Canadian border about 30 miles Close to the International Peace Gardens this was my husband’s farm originally. He grew up here When we retired we moved back and we have been growing Vegetables out here in the garden for […]

Bare Root Fruit Tree Myths

It’s winter and that means it’s time to plant our Bare root fruit trees. There are many myths surrounding the planting of fruit trees. Today I’m going to dispel those myths and we’ll talk about the truth about how to plant your bare root fruit trees. Myth number one, when planting through trees you need […]

Pruning Cherry Trees and Pruning Apricot Trees – Summer

Hi I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. Apricots, pluots and cherries all prefer to be pruned in the summer. They also have one other thing in common and that’s that they like to be trained into a modified central leader system and you’re apples and pears will benefit from this too. Modified central leader systems need […]

Sakura Tree Tempura

With tempura you can deep fry pretty much anything you want so you don’t have to use the ingredients I picked out here. Just make sure to use a paper towel to get rid of water on the surface of the ingredients. Also, if you deep fry okra or anything like it, make sure to […]

How to Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree in Your Garden or Orchard

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener. January usually means New Year’s resolutions to most people. To me it means it’s time to plant a bare root fruit tree! Come join me, I’ll show you how! I’m going to dig a round, saucer shaped hole. I’ve traditionally planted my trees in a hole about twice […]

The Department of Drama and Dance presents “The Cherry Orchard”

our orchard is simply the most amazing site that mass of white blossom against the blue of the sky I’m really, very happy that so many people are interested in Chekhov that’s wonderful! so basically “The Cherry Orchard” is about this aristocratic family who is at risk of losing their ancestral home but because it’s […]

Russian Hobbit and ‘The Cherry Orchard’ (english sub)

Hello dear friends! This is “The News from the underground.” Today our guest is “Moscow 24” TV special reportage from Russian Hobbit. Do you like Hollywood? There is the Holly Wood! We shoot you and you shoot us? There is a third channel. In my television it is important what I think not how it […]

Heroes of the Cherry Orchards

Hi, my name is Drew O’Hara and I’m a pilot here for the cherry drying season. When rain gets on the cherries what happens is the cherries absorb it and between that of excess moisture and the heat it causes the cherries to split. What the helicopters do is is we act like a big […]

Mark Thomson on… The Cherry Orchard

[Off] The Cherry Orchard, I think, is one of the greatest plays ever written. I think that unfortunately a lot of people have a view of Chekhov… …that you go along, and you sit there and you fold your arms and you pay attention and you pay respect. And in fact Chekhov would be appalled […]