Low Cost $20 Greenhouse Enables You to Grow Winter Vegetables in a Raised Bed Garden

Alright this is John Kohler from growingyourgreens.com today we have another exciting episode for you and you. Today im in my backyard garden and I’ve had an amazing summer and fall growing things and now I’m moving on to winter and because we’re moving in to winter, the temperatures start to decline. Up until now […]

Simple Inexpensive Raised Bed Greenhouse – Family Plot

– Alright, Stephan, we’re about to put together a hoop house. Can you tell us a little bit about the advantages of using a hoop house? – Okay. A hoop house is a structure that’s used to actually extend your growing season. So that way you can have more time growing, actually start earlier in […]


Hello YouTube. In this video I’m going to explain to you how I built a two hundred dollar greenhouse, which would cost the Justice kit alone for this new will cost over a thousand dollars. I’ll explain how I built it for 200 bucks and take you through it. First of all you need plastic […]

how to build a greenhouse with bamboos |greenhouse construction

Asslam o alaikum i am ahsan nadeem welcome to the new video of greenhouse video series today we are working on the roof of greenhouse structure joining horizantal bamboos i will give you update we joined 10 feet lengths and make a single 350 feet length and put that length on the top of vertical […]

Homemade Greenhouse Tour – DIY Project – GardenFork

hoop house greenhouse construction with bamboos |large greenhouse

ASSLAM-o-ALAIKUM evrybody i am Ahsan NAdeem and welcome to the new video of green house video series and on my channel today again i am uploading video about greenhouse,.. bamboo greenhouse we are making the roof here the making of roof is little difficult because we have to put bamboos on the top and join […]