The 10 Best Places To Live In South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its affordable beaches, warm weather and family-friendly towns. Whether you prefer an exclusive lakefront golf resort near the Blue Ridge Mountains, love the historic charm of Charleston, or dream of lazing in Lowcountry style on Pawleys Island, the state’s diverse cities and regions cater to a variety of lifestyles and […]

Romantic Southern Wedding Styled Shoot at Lowndes Grove Plantation | Charleston, South Carolina

I have this dream to live by the sea I would write my love songs You’d sing along with me I know what it is I want my life to be To love you well and to have you next to me In the morning light, I’ll look into your eyes and See the man […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #43: Hamlin Plantation – Amenities

One of the things that draws people in to Hamlin Plantation is the amenities. Full amenities: tennis courts, fitness center, a lot of green space. The white building directly in front of us is the clubhouse. It’s not a staffed clubhouse — it’s not, you know, a golf course clubhouse — but they have a kitchen in […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #50: Brickyard Plantation – The Preserve

Brickyard houses range — you know, the front of the neighborhood, the less expensive houses. The further you go back the more expensive, and some of the ones on the creek are $2.5 to $3M. The first subsection we’re going to ride through — these are in the $300K range. A lot of these were built […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #58: Brickyard Plantation – Shopping Center

Alright, so this is the little shopping center that I talked about. This is kind of tied into Brickyard. This is actually my cut-through road a lot of times to get out of Brickyard early in the morning to get my daughter to school on time, because she’s usually late getting outside, but anyway, that’s […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #26: Cassina Plantation

We’re almost across the street from SHELLPOINT and we’re right up the street from Oakhaven Plantation. About 56 homes that were built sporadically from the 1950’s to the late 1990’s. These homes reside on much larger lots. You’re not probably going to find too many places in Mt. Pleasant, I mean, as I ride through […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #49: Brickyard Plantation – Amenities

Alright, so we just came out of Royal Palms, and we headed south on Hwy 17, and we’re heading into Brickyard Plantation. And Brickyard Plantation is one of the more popular neighborhoods in all of Mount Pleasant. It really has a lot to do with its location. You’re close to downtown Charleston. From here, I […]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Driving Tour #52: Brickyard Plantation – The Retreat

Traveling further back into Brickyard into The Retreat. The Retreat is homes in the, you know, $400K probably, to maybe in the $600Ks. These are a little bit bigger square footage than the ones we just rolled through. These are four and five bedroom houses. These range in square footage probably from 2700 to probably […]