The Regenerative Farmer – David Marsh

For 2/3 of my farming life I was going hell-for-leather with my foot on the accelerator trying to throw enough money around in agronomy to grow enough stuff to make a profit and that was seen to be success. Industrial farming has led to the loss of 70% of organic carbon in soils worldwide. The […]

Chemogirl and cowgirl save their home from bushfire but the drought is killing them

Oi. Troughs up here, you know that. Jen Lewis is a cattle farmer whose property has been in drought for over two years. Today’s a bit of an emotional day, I’m a bit teary. Because, you know, probably 12 months ago when the… excuse my voice, the drought was hitting, we decided to de-stock and […]

How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs

JUDY WOODRUFF: But first: our special series Stopping Superbugs. This week science correspondent, Miles O’Brien and economics correspondent Paul Solman tag-team again for a look at how the use of antibiotics in livestock can lead to unhealthy, even dangerous outcomes. Miles begins at a Missouri pig farm, as part of our weekly science series, Leading […]

From City Life to Cattle Farming | Farmer Stories

I’m Jane Sale from Yougawalla Station. I live here with my husband and two young children. We part own and manage Yougawalla and Bulka Station here in the Kimberley. It’s probably one of the most isolated stations in the north west of Australia. We have a wonderful life out here running our cattle. I came […]

Super Spreading! | John Deere 8235R & 4640

good morning everybody Ryan here we are in the 8235R and today for the first and only time we are putting the 8235R on a manure spreader so we’ve got two spreaders here we’ve got the Kuhn Knight Pro push 160 now I’ll talk about it more once we get down there and Andrews in […]

Aerial Farm Tour – Kuster Farms – How Farms Work

hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to How farms work so today I’m going to take you guys on a little farm tour and this is going to be a little crop progress video we’re going to visit at least the four main farms right now we’re standing at the main farm which we refer […]

Bavaria | Aiming high – Mountain farming

Whether it’s competitive sports… the perfect tourist dinner… or a regional tearjerker… as a mountain farmer I have to have every role down to a tee! My name is Sebastian Beck and I help to preserve the Alps as a wonderful place to live and do business. To tourists who come to the mountains, we […]

Cold Weather Gardening in the High Tunnel

Hi I’m Erin and this is Our Wyoming Life Gardening in Wyoming can be tough. We are a zone 4 with high elevation and a wind problem. Average last frost date is May 22nd. This year Erin is hoping for her first vegetable harvest on April 27th. This might work or it might not but […]

First Planting in the High Tunnel – Gardening 2019

Hi I’m Erin. The sun is shining, snow is on the ground and even though it’s only January its time to start planting and getting ready for the 2019 garden season. Today we plant the first seeds of the year on Our Wyoming Life. Somehow the first of year has already come and gone. The […]