Sasha – Timber Truss & Frame Trainee

>>INTERVIEWER: Hi Sasha, how are you going?>>SASHA: Good, thanks.>>INTERVIEWER: Could you tell me what qualification you’re doing?>>SASHA: Certificate 3 in timber frame truss.>>INTERVIEWER: Excellent. And can you explain how did you find your current employer?>>SASHA: I found it through Tabma. So I was originally doing concreting and carpentry last year, and I was searching online […]

Vaughan – Timber Truss and Frame Trainee

Hi Vaughan. Thanks for doing the interview today. Can you tell me what qualification you are doing as part of your apprenticeship? A Cert III in Frame and Truss. How did you find this job? I went through the Careers Adviser at school And then, they got me an interview with TABMA. Filled out paperwork […]

IASRI–Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute Recruitment Notification 2018 – Exam dates

Hello all and welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers this is Elsa from Today I am bringing you the methods in which you can apply for IASRI IASRI is a premium institute for statistics and research for agricultural production and development. IASRI recruitment happens in large numbers every year. When it […]

New Forest National Park – #MyPlacementStory

My name is Josie and I am studying Archaeology BSc at Bournemouth University. So on an average day I am either out in the field like I am now with the volunteers doing surveying. They are really fun, they are really nice. It is always a good day out when they are there. With the […]

Agriculture Pathways

Northwest ISD Career and Technical Education offers four agricultural pathways: Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Design and Fabrication Floral Design Veterinary Medicine The Ag Science pathway gives you many different opportunities. You get to work in the greenhouse. You get to work with animals. You get to prepare for your future career. Careers associated with this pathway […]

Agricultural Workers Career Video

Agricultural workers need physical strength and stamina to keep up with their tasks, but they also need technical skills and strong teamwork. These workers maintain crops and tend to livestock, under the supervision of farmers and ranchers. Although some agricultural workers do all types of work around a farm, many focus on a few tasks. […]

Agricultural Inspector Career Video

Agricultural inspectors ensure that farming, logging, and fishing operations comply with laws and quality standards. They enforce the government regulations that keep consumers safe and healthy, and train workers so they can better follow regulations. Agricultural inspectors monitor many different processes. For example, in meat production, inspectors may review a cattle farm’s waste disposal procedures, […]

IARI – Indian Agricultural Research Institute Recruitment Notification 2018– Exam dates

Hello All..This is Neelima from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I am bringing you the methods in which you can apply for IARI IARI (The Indian agricultural research institute) is India’s premium institute for education, research and extension of agriculture. Every year candidates are selected for IARI jobs in […]

Dr Jaclyn Brown – Mathematician & Digital Agriculture Research

(soft piano music) – In some careers it’s very easy. You study medicine, you be a doctor. You study engineering, you can be an engineer. But if you study maths, what do you do? I’m Dr. Jaclyn Brown, I’m a senior research scientist at the CSIRO in agriculture and food. I’ve always loved maths. To […]

Agricultural and Food Science Technician Career Video

Advances in food and agriculture science are designed to bring healthier conditions and better production value for crops and farm animals and result in new—or better food on our tables. Agricultural and food science technicians help scientists in these fields to conduct research, run lab tests, and keep records. Their specific duties differ: Agricultural technicians […]